Custom water cooling on big case

I have read and watched all the DIY watercooling videos, but now I just need to know what parts and where to get them.  I don't really have a budget, I just have no clue where to go and buy the best parts. 

NZXT Phantom 820 case

Intel 3770K

Kingston HyperX Beast 16GB (2 x 8GB)

Kingston SSD

NZXT Hale90 Series 1000w Power Supply

Seagate 3TB Serial ATA HD

(2) XFX Radeon HD 7970 Double D 3GB DDR5


What do you want to cool? CPU only, GPU only, CPU and, motherboard and RAM only, or what?

Also, exact model number/link for the 7970s.

I think just the CPU and GPU's would be good. 

XFX 7970 

Thanks man!