Custom Wall Mounted Home Server (VX-42)

Hey everyone, I want to say hello since this is my first post on this forum!

This is also my first custom case built from scratch, so I thought I would share. Im always looking for feedback to help improve my designs. Sadly I have already completed the project and therefore don't have any way of making a proper build log style updates.

But I made sure to take plenty of pictures of the build which can be found here:

The premise behind this project was the need for a large amount of storage of various pieces of digital media. (3+TB or more) I have been wanting to build my own home media server for sometime and finally found an excuse to build one. I wanted to be able to stream media to my various mobile devices and run an FTP server, plus since im a gamer, I wanted to be able to host game servers for my buddies and I to play on as well.

My biggest problem was space. My desk was cluttered enough as it was and I didn't have anywhere to put it, even the small ITX cases were too big. That's when I started browsing online for inspiration and thats when it hit me to put it on the wall.

 The first few pictures of the completed build I used a piece of smoked acrylic as the base for are the hardware, however, I didn't like it as much as I thought, so I replaced it with a custom cut piece of anodized aluminum, which is pictured later on.


Here are the final shots of the project:


Ah, welcome to TekSyndicate! I saw your post on /r/buildapc a while ago - great server, man!

Thanks for the warm welcome! Yea I finally was able to get it into a proper envriorment along with my other system.

Do you plan on making more servers in this style? I think a watercooled (custom loop) in that case, obviously a CPU-only, very simple loop, would look amazing.

Already making changes to this one and have already started designing one that will have a full system in it, basiclly a gaming system, that would mount to the wall, still in the planning stages, but stay tuned!

I would agree doing a water loop on it would look great, but there is litereally no room anywhere.  The back of the case is already chramed with cables, etc.  I would not have any place to put all the hardware that would go along with it.

I saw this build on Corsair's Facebook page. They were gloating about the fact that you put one of their PSUs in your build, but nevermind that. You have a great server and the beauty is unmatched. I welcome you to our community and hope to see more posts like this from you good sir!

Thanks! I saw that they put it on their FB page, was quite an honor coming from them.

Stay tuned, there is much more to come in the coming months, I have a lot of ideas in my head that I can't wait to start working on!

Awesome stuff man. real modern design

I wish i had access to a CnC router.

what programme did you design that in? solidworks? autocad? im quite keen on looking into those to help me make some radio controlled models at some stage soon.

Keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing some more creations