Custom VRM cooling in A.D.2021

I have a TRX40 system with not very good VRM cooling - ASRock TRX40 Creator. So far it is serving me well, but I wonder about putting a 64 core CPU in it.

I’m not convinced that big aluminum block without increased surface can be very effective as a radiator in that scenario. I’m also not a big fan of small fan that is slapped on the aforementioned alu block.

Would putting a proper small finstack radiator with 40mm Noctua fan on every VRM section be a good idea?

There are no custom VRM heatsinks available, so some ghetto modding or recycling might be necessary. I consider (re)using:

  • laptop cooling
  • RAM coolers with copper heatpipes
  • old high end board VRM coolers
  • cheap Aliexpress custom heatpipe+finstack combos

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