Custom Rom Suggestions?

The title says it, but I want to know which roms do y'all on the forums use and what's popular among you guys.

I was using PAC-man for a long time but it had a few annoying bugs. Nothing that would stop use of it but just not fluid in some aspects. I gave up waiting for them to go to 4.4 so I jumped to Omni rom and it is so much better. Very smooth very fast and far lower ram usage. I missed things like the DPI settings from Paranoid Android so I just teamed Omni up with Xposed modules and Apex launcher to get it exactly where I want it now. I have a functional 12x9 home screen layout over 9 screens with 240 dpi.

AWw that's a shame because they don't have a build for my Droid Razr M :/

There are builds of PAC-man in 4.4, MiUi which are usually good and look good because of the menu customisations, also the Avatar roms are pretty good. I used them before I went PAC it just did not have enough options for me.

If you can't find a full custom rom you like try and get close to AOSP as possible and install Xposed modules. they can replicate the features of many full custom roms.

I use cyanogenmod 11. It has all the function I want by stock and was really easy to install on my Nexus 4. I even have the feeling, that it is faster then stock kitkat,

I prefer Cyanogenmod. Usually very stable, with tons of functionality, and tweaks for speed.

I typically like CarbonROM, although there are plenty of others that are nice.

Chalk me up as another Cyanogenmod user. Got CM 10.2 on a Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch (such a mouthful) along with Nova launcher and it's running much better than TouchWiz

I can recommend it, though there are still plenty of other good ROMs to try out too

I was using AKOP but it was buggy so I switched to the latest CM 10.2 nightly build for my droid 3 it's much more stable but the cameras not working that said at-least it can use the HW+ codecs in MXplayer which more then makes up for it. 

+1 for the latest cyanogenmod.

I stay with Paranoid Android, and Slim or carbon rom. cyanogenmod is just not something I really like anymore.

I have used every major rom but I always come back to Cyanogenmod asylum. Its a cm rom that is the right dpi for bigger phones.


light fast and works :)

I really enjoy CM10.2, only because I have yet to decide that I'm interested in the KitKat base.
Though I really want to try loading Ubuntu on my HTC One M7 and see what the experience is like. 

i use Resurrection Remix, its packed full of features... its biased off of cyanogenmod and is super stable... i will never go back to cm or anything else


People really love Cyanogen but in my opinion it"s past it's prime. The devs have been pulling off some shady things (such as removing features without community consent; in fact, the community wanted them to stay), and going semi-commercial by for example being preloaded on the new OnePlus One phone which is a sub-company of Oppo.

Personally I love SlimBean, it has tons of features and runs just as smooth as Cyanogen. I love the built-in DPI changer that lets you pick a custom DPI value.

I use the Baja Rom for the Verizon GS4:

Cyanogenmod is the best way to go in most cases ;)

I use Carbon rom with Xposed. I believe it's based on cyanogenmod and it's really nice. You can alter a lot UI elements and change most everything. It also adds nice features like active display and pie controls.