Custom PC please help

Hello I am very new to building custom computers and I was wanting to build up my own gaming computer for simgle monitor gaming (1920x1080) and this is what I have thought about buying. Could someone please comment on the build with what I should add/ take away or change. It would be greatly appreciated.

If your going to drop $ on a keyboard, get a mechanical board. Find what kind of switches you like go for that. I'd suggest the Cooler Master Quickfire Pro for an affordable mechanical keyboard. Dropping any more than $15 on a rubberdome keyboard is a waste of money.

Thanks and i was looking and was told that the 680 that I was wanting is very thick and I was wondering whether in the future if i was to get another would 2 fit in sli on this board?

Hmm, I'd hazard a guess and say there is room. The card you have selected is a 3 slot card, looking at the mobo, it looks like the first PCI-e slot has an extra space before it the next PCI slot, which is then followed by another PCI-e slot, so it would look like it has 3 slots before it reaches the next PCI-e slot... so I'd think your good, but you may want to ask someone who actually has the board if there is room for two 3 slot cards.

You've chosen a good intel cpu for basic gaming but your case doesnt have that good of air flow. And you could save money and get some better performance from it, but if you're really got your mind on you want intel i would just stay with what your got, but think about your case. Otherwise it looks good

I don't entirely agree,

Mechanical keyboards are awesome but a 10keyless quickfire is twice the price of the arctosa.

I wouldn't recommend spending heaps on a membrane board however I see $45 as not being too unreasonable for a stylish keyboard. 

Experience: Razer lycosa(yeah a ripoff) and Das Ultimate


Edit: Sorry if things got a little confusing. Still getting used to the layout of the reply system in these forums. Also, I don't see a mouse.

Ok what case would you recomend with good air flow for around the same price range?

Well, my point more directly is, if you can afford a solid mechanical keyboard, get it, if you can't, don't waste your money on a rubberdome, I would argue that anything more than $20 on a rubber dome is a waste of money.

Lastly the QuickFire rapid is 10keyless but isn't 2x the price, its about $65, the QuickFire Pro is a full size mechanical board with some backlighting for gaming, and is only $80.

Thanks I already have a mouse that I love for my computer now that I will use with the new one.


I would definitely chose a different power supply. The GX750 (non-Bronze) is awful. In the site you use, you could find an Antec HCGM 620W for about the same price. The PSU is made by Seasonic and features a single strong 12v rail with good voltage regulation, ripple suppression and efficiency.

Another thing I would change is the video card. The Gigabyte 680 is cheaper and has a better cooler. 

Ok I put the Antex power supply in and will 620W be enough I have no clue? Also The Zotac card is faster isnt it?

Not where he's buying from.

As much as I love mechanical I still have no issue with the $45 Arcosta being in the build.

It's a preference thing. Not saying membrane is comparable to mechanical, however if he wants a keyboard that doesn't look like a generic pos yet doesn't want to spend close to $100 it's not a silly decision.

Ah, right Australia. Recommending this board all the same:

Honestly its a $1.7k system, and the switch to the mech board is less than a 3% bump in total cost, well worth it IMO. 



I had an Arcosta, I'm currently using a CM storm tigger. Although the quickfire costs more, I think it would be worth it. Reguardless, I also don't think the Arcosta is worth $45. If I was in this situation, and money was of concern, I'd rather get a cheap >$10 keyboard until I can afford a mechincal keyboard, because to be honest the Arcosta isn't much better than a generic >$10 keyboard.

The Zotac AMP! comes with a higher factory clock, but the difference in base and boost clocks between the two cards is only 39 Mhz in both states. That's basically nothing, and you won't notice any difference in performance. If you're into overclocking you would make up that difference with ease in about 5 minutes.

The Gigabyte will save you $30, has a better and quieter cooler, and on top of that comes with a 3 year warranty, while Zotac only gives you 2. BTW both cards use reference NVidia design, but the Gigabyte has better power delivery with 5+2 phase design. The Zotac comes with 4+2.

The 620 W power supply will be enough for your system. Even when overclocked (moderately) the whole thing fully stressed will pull about 400W. So it will leave you with decent headroom. 

I suggested the Antec because it's a Seasonic design. They make some of the best, if not the best PSUs on the market. It's semi-modular, which helps reduce cable clutter in the case. Has a 5-year warranty, compared to the 3 years of comparable units. At that price there's hardly anything better. 

If you want more power, for 20 dollars more you could get the Thermaltake ToughPower XT 775W. It has all the bells and whistles like 80+ Silver, synchronous design, DC-DC converters (like the really expensive units), semi-modular... I'm not familiar with the unit, but it has stellar reveiews in all the respectable review sites, so you can't go wrong with it, if you don't mind spending the extra money. 

BTW. Sorry for the long post :)

As previously said, going with Gigabyte is probably a better option. Also, some 670's have near identical performance to a 680 with differences of about 5-10fps in some games but costs $100 less. The performance can easily be ramped up to a 680 with some minor overclocking, if you're a DIY and Bang For The Buck person, go for the 680.

The 670 is also a solid choice, and it costs quite a bit less. 

I have a couple of other suggestions for the system. The first one is down to a personal prefference. The store cavetrole is using sells the Corsair Carbide 400R case for the same money as the Lian Li PC-K9WX. Both cases are good, and it won't hurt to give the Corsair a look :)

My other suggestion concerns the motherboard. The UD3H WIFI costs a lot but doesn't offer that much in return. The Asrock Z77 Extreme4 is an excellent board with better phase design, better vrm cooling and a really good price. Plus, you guys in Australia are lucky to get the board with 3-year warranty. In Europe Asrock only gives us 2 years (sadface).

You also didn't mention wether you were going to use the WIFI card. I, personally, prefer to use cable to connect my desktop. Anyway you could pick up an aftermarket wifi network card and go with the Asrock board, and still save a decent ammount of money.

Thankyou for the info on the motherboard, I think I will stick with the Lian Lee Case just personal preferance I think it looks cool. Also I do need a wifi card as the room I am in is not able to have our ethernet cable reach it :(.