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Custom NAS power help

OK so I am trying to make a small budget but powerful NAS, I’ve got everything but two things solved at this point, here is the current plans;

Current specs;
Odroid H2
16GB ram (already have it)
16GB emmc flash chip (for unraid)
Unraid as OS (6 drive variant)
M.2 to 5x Sata 6 controller card
2x 3.5 3x to 5.25 2x hot swap bay adapter

Note the H2 has 2 Sata on it, with the edition of the M.2 card there will be a total of 7, will use one as a backup in case a port dies for some reason.

So the big problem I have right now is power, the H2 can only supply power to 2 Sata drive (well mostly there are some problems in this aspect as well) so I need to find a way to power 6 3.5 HDD drives and the H2 preferably while only using one PSU (preferably external) any ideas?

I’ve asked the makers of the H2 if there is some way to power the H2 without the H2’s barrel jack instead using something like its 20 pin GPIO, still waiting for a response.

The only thing I have found or noticed is this super mini PSU called the “nano160” from Streacom, but I am not sure it can power 6 drives and the H2… also don’t know how I would wire up the H2 to the 24 pin on the nano160…

The only janky solution I can think of is using a “standard” PSU for desktops, bridge the wires needed on the 24pin to make it run, chop a molex lead to make it to a barrel and use the rest of the SATA connections to power all your drives. The most important thing it’s not running a PSU without any load. Other than that not having it taking power from the 24pin shouldn’t be an issue.

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This is what I would do too.

Doesn’t have to be janky either if you put some time into it. The higher end seasonics come with a tester anyway so there’s your jumper. Get some heat shrink and solder the barrel jack. It wouldn’t be bad

Not sure if unraid will work for the emmc flash either.

Well it would be nice but meh if it does not…

And there’s is one big problem… I would like the power button on the H2 to work… so I would need to somehow get the standby power to the H2 and somehow get it to tell the PSU to turn all the way on…

If it’s just a barrel jack then it should work fine.

There’s nothing to tell it’s power brick to turn on, it’s just on.

You don’t really want to shut unraid down either. It’s designed to be up 24/7

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Here is a thought, what if I where to use a DC-DC internal PSU and put a Y splitter on the barrel jack for the power brick that I would use and have it go to both the H2 and this DC-DC board, then with the GPIO or power LED pins i could connect them to the two pins on the 24 to tell it to turn on?

I don’t see why you would need to do that for something that’s going to be turned on all the time. Unraid isnt designed for that with the way that it manages disks. You’ll have to manually start the array and probably stop it too.

What’s the goal here?

A cheep, size effective, capable, and expandable NAS that when on say a UPS or only set to be on at certain times can be turned off remotely and then able to be woke on lan

Also have never had a problem with my older nas running unraid turning off every day

That wouldn’t work because in order to bridge the two pins on a PSU through the GPIO you’ll need to power the board.

When you shut the machine off just take one more second to switch the PSU off. I mean you’ll need to do that anyway because no load damages those kind of PSU, as I said.

To do that you can’t kill power to the machine so why worrying about bridging the pins anyway?

I don’t think you are understanding what I’m saying, having an external AC-DC PSU like a laptop, then split it’s barrel jack BEFORE going into the system, then have it going in twice, one to the H2, and also into the DC-DC board for the drives, so the H2 should have power at all times from the external brick, and then the H2 can just bridge the two pins on the 24 pin on the DC-DC board when the OS starts up

So this is what I am proposing;

[] AC-DC
|\ —{barrel jack Y split}
| |
| [H2]~|
| ._____| —{signal to DC-DC 24 pin}
| |
[DC-DC board]—{Sata drives}

So no real help from anyone here yet, but after doing some more research I have determined that what I’m thinking will work, but some more elaboration is needed;

[]—{AC-DC 20v 10a}
[__] —{barrel jack Y split}
| |
| [H2]—{signals DC-DC 24 pin}=*
[]—{20v to 12v step down}
[DC-DC board]—{Sata drives}
*={signal from H2 for power on via transistor}

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