Custom media player

I know there is foobar and others but I would like to build my own. Is Foobar written in Java? I'm pretty good with Java at this point, but how do I use codecs and run file operations? Can I just use batch files?


1. Read .mp4, .m4a, .mp3, etc.

2. Organize into one library (like Foobar)

3. Visualizer and simplistic GUI

4. Options for control from iPod Touch (really helpful when in Game)

I would also like to make a custom rom for an iPod but that might be a bit much. What I really want to focus on is file IO, Codec use, and Visualizer / Sound control. If you know of a good learning resource I would appreciate links.

So, its not exactly clear what platform you're going to be going for right now.

If you're going for PC, you should be fine. If you're going for Apple products, I believe you're going to have to write in a form of C for them. 

You can create runnable jars, which would work on PC but for applications on mobile platform java becomes a completely different language in cases. 

OK so first step, jar (or exe after running minecraft 1.6.2) for a windows 7 computer that will replace iTunes because iTunes is buggy, glitchy, and it sucks. I looked through the java API on oracle and could not find a whole lot with loading media files. If I have a supported Codec / Class that would let me getArtist(), getAlbum() for organizing, hopefully even writeArtist() (going through the built in mp3/mp4 tags in the file) then all I need is the File IO and Visualizer. 

JARs are last step. You create a jar after you have a complete java application. 

If you know how to use other libraries, you might want to as well. There are quite a few media libraries you can find for java with just a google search.

Yeah, I know Jars are last. You have to make the jam before you put it in the jar as my teacher said. I can Google with the best of them, I just wondered if anyone had any experience / suggestions for specific ones.