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Custom loop for A treadripper 2950x


So I’m looking to build a custom system loop for my new threadripper build. The would likes are a copper 360mm plus radiator, large capacity Reservoir/pump combo, and flexible tubing. I have a fractal design r6 blackout so room is not a real issue. My budget is around 300 to 500 dollars for cooling.

I’m running a corsair h150I 360mm rad atm and I’m not too pleased with it.

I need guidance on picking the right parts I really don’t want stuff that will ware out in a few months.


What don’t you like?

As for suggestions I think no one is more qualified than @SoulFallen


H150i is garbage we discontinued offering overclocks on them corsair should be sued they’re so bad but I digress.

Enermax makes aios specifically for threadripper that are fantastic, however custom cooling is always the ultimate solution just don’t expect a comparable return per dollar.

Anyways. What questions do you have? Do you have any sort of parts in mind yet?


Read my build log has a lot of good reference docs


My questions are First are the thermaltake rads any good? Second what water block would you recommend and why, and finally what integrated pump/res is the best for a 360mm rad?

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Not the best rads ,. Any block that fully covers cpu ek makes nice pump/rez or singularity computers


I hate Thermaltake radiators they’re really cheap and light. Use an alphacool nexxos 360mm. They make them in crossflow or traditional chose whatever works better for tube routing.

As far as pump res combos there’s infinitecimal choices but as far as pumps there’s realistically 2 choices. DDC or D5. D5s typically have better longevity so just stick with that as ddc is more for small form factor. The EK xres is a great option they sell them with a D5 pre installed it you want.

Oh and for CPU block I honestly haven’t done threadripper yet so I’m not familiar with what’s what. I can look into it later when I have time.


Watercool HEATKILLER IV is the best CPU block for threadripper…and it looks good too.

For a radiator, EKWB XE rads are some of the best 60mm thick rads, their thinner rads aren’t as good. But you need to find what fits in your case first, then narrow down the models.