Custom Loop Enthoo Pro

So I want to get into Custom Water Cooling and I currently have my system in the Enthoo Pro.

Cpu is currently under an h100i which is nice but I want to toss my msi 980 in the loop here and overclock and honestly I just want to get into water cooling for the hell of it.

Plus this is California and it's like...300 degrees here in SoCal and I don't have a very optimal room for this system.

SO! I noticed an issue.... I want to use a tube Res and don't have room for it..... in the 2 spots I see people mount their Reservoirs I cannot do so due to my GPU probably hitting them. I do not know for sure but taking a rough measurement of 60mm for the usual Res Diameter It's going to interfere with the GPU.

So aside from tossing another 100 bucks into my budget for a Define S which I'm not totally opposed to doing...Can anyone help me out with finding a way to make this work?

If you don't already have it, you can get A res that fits in the 5.25 inch bays

I was considering it... But I was really looking for a way to not use one of those. I have a big window...I like to see and show off these things. This computer is a living culmination of my progress learning a new profession and basically starting my life over again when I started to spiral out of control.

TL;DR VERSION.. I don't want to.

Shoutout from SoCal!!

Hmm that Case can be a tight fit, they really limit you on res placement.

Of the many opinions you might get, I'd tell you to find someone who would buy that case and invest in something more spacious for your needs. Seeing as how this a culmination of you progress maybe consider something fancy. I do not know your taste in cases but I am more inclined to the monolithic minimalist cases by caselabs or nzxt (etc).

Either that or just start get into modding and be resourceful

tl;dr : trade your case or grab a dremel.

Best of luck! o7

Hahaha love the tl;dr version.

I was actually considering the case labs case that Jay over at Jayztwocents is using but I didn't want to create another skunkworks lookalike or copycat.....but at the same time I envy that monster.

May consider just getting another case and keeping this one as a place to mount old hardware. I also may just increase my budget and start upgrading EVERYTHING!!!!

I have a serious addiction problem....and I smell a 5960X in my future at some point....

You should be able to mount a short tube res at the rear of the case below the rear exhaust fan, beside the expansion slots. If not there than there is all the real estate to the right of the motherboard. Plenty of options really.

it doesnt HAVE to go on the INSIDE
just stick it where itll WORK
it wont win any art shows, but maybe a creativity one.

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This is a good point lol

I was absolutely thinking about mounting the Res on the outside after seeing something like this over on Paul's Hardware. I think I could probably use the reverse side next to the IO shield where it would normally be inside the case. Annnd it shouldn't interfere with my GPU inputs.

Just working out a way to route the tubing into the case again without it being in an area it could be damaged or cut by the metal on the case.

Lol I feel you on the addiction problem.

Have you measured out the space that usually takes a Res (that @deejeta mentions) and see how much of the GPU encroaches on your Res territory?

you sure you don't have room? this is my loop with a MSI 980ti in an Enthoo Luxe (pretty sure internal dimensions are identical)

the card is 10.6 inches and I have exactly 1/16 of an inch to spare. my res is a standard 50mm BitsPower res.

Edit: nevermind I just looked the MSI 980 is longer than the 980 TI what in the actual fuck?
1. Bay reservoir
2. Mount a tube res on the psu cover
3. Remove a drive bay and mount a short res farther back
3 1/2. remove both drive bays put a full size res in
4. get some radiator mounting brackets and mount it on the top radiator (i'm assuming you're going to put a rad in the top right?)

Haha of course the Ti card is somehow shorter. I'm thinking a more nonstandard mount outside the case for both the res and punp. Might be interesting

you can also use a pcie extender ribbon to mount your card somewhere else

I'm actually going to see about adding a port to route the tubing into the case from the backside.

You have a very capable watercooling case - there is next to no reason to go ghetto with external rads and what-not. There is a shit ton of space inside for radiators, plus whatever pump/res setup you like. My 2c :-/

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Not with the GPU I have. The MSI 980 edges to close to both of the "standard Radiator mount points. I may remove the 1 drive cages and use a pump res combo but I didn't know if using one that size would be okay because I'm going with a 420 or 560 rad in the top and probably a 240 in the front with 2 gpus and the cpu as well. And depending on spacing and temps I was considering a 120 rad as well

I know I'm two days late, but I didn't see if anyone else had this idea:

You could mount a res horizontally on top of the power supply cover. It would be below your graphics card and a huge focal point (you said you wanted to show off components), but would limit you to one card.

@JayzTwoCents did something similar with his Parvum build.