Custom GPU Waterblocks

Anyone know of any person or company that makes custom GPU waterblocks? I've decided to water cool my processor, but I'd really like to water cool my MSI GTX 580 Lightning Xtreme Editions too if that's at all possible.

i know Cooler Master makes GPU Waterblocks,thermaltake and zalman as well. btw if you watercool a gpu,you can really overclock it with no worries. if you know what you are doing


I think if I wanted to overclock them any further, I'd have to flash their bioses.

Do they make custom waterblocks that would fit my cards though? Could I call them up and tell them what cards I'm using so they could make me a custom block?


I would start with MNPCTech they do inhouse custom waterblocks also check with some CNC mill works around your area to see if they have done some in the past. Or try this