Custom Gaming PC

  • Budget: 1500-2000 euro
  • This PC will be only for gaming
  • Planning to overclock

Game specs:

  • I mostly play MMOs (GW2) at 1920x1080 resolution and I'm hoping to reach 60FPS at any time at high graphics



Any suggestions? :)

The i7 doesn't make a difference in games compared to an i5 because most games dot use threaded cores. Also, newer games coming out for the ps4, xbone, will be able to utilize more cores, so get an AMD fx-8350 would be more "future proof". The h100i comes with pre applied thermal compound which is good compound so you don't need to buy some. Instead of getting a gtx 770, you could get the AMD equivalent in price and better performance. Also, the caviar blue and black don't have a noticeable load speed difference so you can save some $ by getting a blue drive. The 1tb would be better since a 500gb drive can fill pretty fast with games. Everything else looks pretty fine TO ME. If you really wanna stay the Intel/nvidia route, heck, its your choice, but you'd get better performance to price with AMD.

Did some changing. (CPU, RAM, GPU, PSU, HDD)

thanks a lot for the feedback :)

I would advise against getting an i7 and get an i5 instead. As its been said games don't utilise the hyperthreading yet. I wouldn't get a h100i, they're very noisy and have a terrible price to performance ratio in my opinion. They're not very high quality water cooling parts either. Closed loops are rarely a good choice.I'd also suggest not getting a CX power supply as they are a bit rubbish even thought they are made by corsair. 

Put togther this build which is a lot better in my opinion.


The second build looks very good. The only think i would suggest its getting a CX750 instead. You'll have more connections, and the ability to SLI will be possible in the future. Cheers!