Custom built router? Hardware Suggestions?

Hey lads. I'm completly fascinated with Pfsense and would love to endulge my self into networking.
Im looking to scrap? or buy compatible parts to build a router. I have an i5-6600k laying around and would love to put it to use. I put together a list of parts that was roughly $260 ;/. I bit too much for a router, i'd assume. My intention is to setup network security and custom stuff like the Level1Tech team demonstrated in their videos.
I looked at the Pfsense hardware they offer and their router with Wifi is around 400 ;/.
Any suggestions? This is my part list atm. https://[Custom PC/router](
Im buying the rosewill fbm-01 with the powersupply (450 watts) on amazon, total $55.
Trying to be inexpensive, saving up for a 1080 Ti.

I don't know how the second-hand market is where you live, but if I were you I'd sell the i5 as it is way overpowered and uses way to much power to stay on 24/7.


Do not put wifi cards in pfsense. Use a ubiquiti ac lite for you wifi with a good vlan switch if you are wanting to get deepre into networking.
Use your stock heatsink for fan save the money on cooler.
You can try and save some money on ram by getting 4gb.
I5-6600k is overkill but if you have it laying around than use it for now.
Do you have a need for a switch or do most of your devices run off wifi?
I recommend getting a dual intel nic from ebay for around 20 bucks over that tp-link one.


Yea, I can ditch the i5 and maybe go for a pentium?
roughly around 10 devices on wifi and 5 on LAN.

Yea, I'll try to sell it on Ebay, Im in the U.S. btw and thank you.

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You can get away with 2 GB, though 4 is good for headroom, though I would go with DDR3 personally.
that savings doh

A Router doesn't need much hoursepower, more just max throughput, if I'm doing deep packet inspection I would use a low power quad core. since single thread perf, while important, isn't the main goal... threads man! THREADS!!!!!

Yes, yes and more yes.

You said you wanted to do the stuff in that you see in the videos, you could probably do most with an old junker, it wouldn't be great, but it wouldn't be too bad, unless it's really crap, now I'm not recommending that, though that is an option.

I have a small pfsense router when I'm playing around and it's bloody well ancient (pentium 4), and it does everything quite well.

though this sucker is whut we run as the main

Is very guud

I only saw one for $50 but i wasn't looking that hard. There's bound to be a good one for a cheap price.

I assume you want gigabit, I mean who wouldn't?
it's slightly more expensive, but so good
so just make sure that all the NICs you get can do yah know wa i meen.

Yea I understand, appreciate the assistance and I will do i with a gigabit.

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or, just a cool idea that I've been wanting to do for a while.

run a vSphere Hypervisor and have
pfsense (intrusion detection and alll that goodness)
Local HTTP server
my own "cloud"
and a few other things.

though that takes sum power, i got all that i need, but time and money is an object

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I bought a SFF PC (Core 2 Duo + 8GB of ram) from ebay for £55 and dual gigabit NIC for like £20. For example:

It's fairly quiet and with OpenVPN + Snort running it never uses more than 40% of the CPU (I have a 150/12 connection). Not sure what availability is like in your part of the world but I think they're a fairly good no hassle option. You've just got to make sure the NIC you buy is low profile.

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What do you guys think of the "AMD - Athlon X4 845 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor ?"

it would run pfsense fine but burn some energy doing it.

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I have pfSense running on this guy.
Been running it for several years now.
I highly recommend this product.