Currently have a dead pc,looking to upgrade

hey guys,okay so i have an old core2duo pc with cheap mobo,no rams and gpu right now
and i'm currently confused about putting a new gpu and ram in here or just scrap this and build a new one?

i have about 400$ budget and live in indonesia,already have a monitor,a ps2 keyboard and an usb mouse,planning to game on the new pc,not gonna overclock it though,i already have a 64-bit compy of windows 7

i'm looking to game on 1080p on 45-60-ish fps,and i'm looking to play some new games like mad max and some older but quite demanding games like bioshock infinite

so fiddling around on our local retailer's build simulation
i've found that i could buy a MSI GTX950 with some 8gb hyperx fury rams if i decided to upgrade the core2duo (this would leave some change)

or i could go with a10-7870k and a gigabyte A88x wifi mobos with the same ram

opinios guys?

i will read and reply at around 2 hours from now,thanks

Would your budget be able to accommodate an A88x motherboard, X4-860K CPU and GTX950? That would get you an all round better machine than using a 7870k with its inbuilt GPU. If not I think the 7870K route is better than sticking with the Core2duo.

I am currently using the AMD platform W/ X4 860K and a R9 280x.. But, a friend of mine has ordered a GTX 950, so I can probably give you a good idea of how your games will run on that platform. (Also can test with G3258 @ 4.3Ghz and i3-4170 if you want a broader spectrum, as my friend is upgrading and I will have his system)

hey,thanks for replying
sadly,your reccomendation is a little bit over my budget

if for example i decided to go the 7870k,then add a GTX90 or equivalent AMD counterpart,would it perform as good as an x4 860K with a GTX950?

hey Dcor,would it run farcry 3 at high on 1080p at 45 ish fps or better?

i have been planning on getting the GTX950 for a long time,but having a hard time deciding the cpu to pair it with,heheh

Have you looked at the 68 chipset? I have the msi a68h-e33 (non-V2) and it has worked great with my A10 I may get an r7 used on ebay but I am in no rush. Or go with the 860k Since your not overclocking the 68 chipset would save you some cash. Also whats the PSU situation. On my a10 I just used an old PSU I had and it works for me
In BF4 I get 26 to 30 fps at 1080 medium, solid 60 if I drop it to 720.

thanks for replying,trucker

i have an old PSU,340W,but it's made by some kind of shady manufacturers,should i also consider upgarding the PSU?

i heard that the a10 can go crossfire with select radeon cards,is that true?

ok, so the thing is that I cannot answer that question regarding the 860K and GTX950 until Monday, when the card is due to arrive. but I am pretty sure that Far Cry 3 will run 1080p 60fps (45 in your case) since Far Cry 4 runs @ around 45+ ave fps i think.

Edit: Here is my steam and the Games that I can do benchmarks for you if you so desire with my specific system and the specific CPU/ GPU you are looking for.
(Far Cry 3, Bioshock Infinite, Metro Last Light Redux)

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Yes, the 7870k is the same CPU as the X4 860K at a slightly higher clock-speed and with an inbuilt GPU.

My PSU is a total POS and it works fine. I have also benchtested it with an 8 yr old 220 watt LiteON PSU yanked from a budget emachines I bought at Walmart. If it works I would keep it.
It can do dual graphics with the r7 240 and r7 250. I have been checking ebay from time to time but I want to pay 30 and the cheapest I have seen is 40 used. Heck best buy has them new on ebay for 70 so I don't want to pay 40 for used, just 30, guess I will wait a bit longer. Or maybe I will drop an r9 380 but to that I would need a new PSU also. I can only justify so much to my wife.
Allot depends on what the price diference is between the 7870 and the 860k. My 7850 with mb and ram was under 200 caused an old HD,PSU and case.
Annandtech did a great review on the 7870 with various gpu's and jayztwocents did 2 really good videos on the a10 7850k. I read everything for 3 months before my discision to build it. Once I played CSGO I fell in love with the game but if I really like Crysis 3 I would take a different upgrade route.
Sorry for rambling, This is the hardest part of any build....deciding what to get.
Hope this help.

I guess the difference is that if he wants to get a dedicated GPU, then he should save around 30-50% (cost) of the CPU. The 860K is a A10-7850K without the onboard GPU (to my knowledge). The money that he may save here could go towards a better PSU to power the components? (Or even a heatsink to allow for cooler CPU temps and overclocking)

okay,thanks for your input,now i have a rough image on what performance it would give

cheers,friend :D

nice :D
so put it simply
i'll get a 7870k with a88 mobo
then i have a quite decent rig that would run high settings at 720p at 60ish fps

later down the road i would put in a GTX950 and it should give me more performance right? :D

A GTX950 would give you 1080p 60FPS in most games if you tweak the settings but should be all High/ Ultra i think

yes,i can relate that this is quite hard,even though it's not really the build process itself

i won't be overclocking,at least not on this rig,the case is flimsy enough as it is and an overclocked cpu would probably throttle everytime it loads,the air flow is rubbish ;(

really ?
that's good to hear

guys,thanks for the input,i guess i'll take the 7870k route with a88x mobo for starters,then a GTX950 down the road

whew,i finally found how to multi-quote replies

you could go to OC3D's review of the GTX 950 (link below) and have a look for yourself the benchmarks, but they don't have Far Cry 3 on there. Iyt still gives a pretty good idea of how the GTX 950 will run

Yes, that's correct. If you go the 7870k route get the fastest DDR3 RAM you can e.g. 2133 or 2400MHz instead of 1600MHz - The system RAM is it's also the video RAM so this will help improve gaming performance.

I believe that the R7 250 can be used in dual graphics mode with the internal GPU but the higher end AMD cards cannot. This isn't a problem as a single 370 or GTX 950 would outperform the R7 250 in dual graphics mode with the internal GPU but at least the R7 250 in dual graphics mode gives you a budget upgrade option later on.

it would be much more economical in the long run to just go for the GTX950 though

I agree, but it's nice to have the option and a cheap second hand R7 250 might be found on ebay or similar.