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Current State of Looking Glass

Hello all,
I am currently looking into moving from Proxmox to Looking Glass for the sake of being able to use the host OS as a daily driver (I miss my Linux). Due to my complex setup, looking glass seems to be the only possible way to do this. What is the current state of it? I see some commits have been made somewhat recently on github, but a lot of it looks like it hasn’t changed since it was originally pushed. I see a thread about using some new features on the Quadro from early 2019.

Ultimately, I need to know:
Has Looking Glass overcome the bugs mentioned in the original 2018 video?
Are there currently any known major bugs? If so, is it under active development to resolve them?
Are any GPUs recommended/not recommended? I currently have a 1070 for the guest and a 710 for the host.

I don’t want to move into something that isn’t stable.

Thanks in advance

Really???, please look harder… there has been over 170 commits since Jan 1 alone. Over 1000 commits since it was first pushed.

Tons of things have been resolved, but it’s still not perfect.

No major bugs at this time, and it’s under very active development as it’s my pet project.

That will work great, just avoid AMD GPUs due to reset issues (this is not a LG bug, but an issue with VFIO passthrough).

It’s as stable as I can make it, but as with all FOSS software, you get what you pay for.

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This reminds me, any plans on Mac guest support? Friend of mine want to get into iOS development but would rather avoid paying the 1200 bucks extra this would cost.

I read some months ago about AMD looking into VFIO, nothing came from those investigations then?

OSX support requires someone to write a IVSHMEM driver for the host application and the OSX specific capture code for the host application. I don’t know enough about OSX to know how feasable this is.

AMD and I were looking into them, but AMD have gone quiet.

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Stupid question: can the quadro cards do 4K? (So a quadro host and guest?)
Does the question even make sense?

All cards can do 4K, the only limitation is your hardware performance.

Sorry for the obtuse question. For eg, if the host is an RTX4000 and the guest is an RTX8000, could one game at a resolution higher than 1920x1200 comfortably? (i.e with high updates per second?)

If your RAM and CPU are up to it also, yes… LG is bandwidth constrained due to the number of large memory copies involved and GPU transfers.

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Ah, I see. I wonder how much work that would be - from what I understand Apple is very strict about the drivers they allow, then again I could confuse it with iOS. Since kernel is based on FreeBSD though, maybe a FreeBSD host could be a first good step? Then again, it forked like 20 years ago, so doubt much resemblance is left there.

I’ll see if I can dig up a Mac person willing to dig into this. Seems like an interesting problem for sure, if you want to learn about the guts of MacOS.

Then again, there are probably zombie dragons lurking in there. Who knows what’s in there after all this time…

From what I understand one could just compiled and install the driver themself. I am just not prepared at this time to support another platform nor do I have an indepth understanding of the OSX landscape.

As for FreeBSD, nope sorry:

Mac OS X is based upon the Mach kernel. Certain parts from FreeBSD’s and NetBSD’s implementation of Unix were incorporated in Nextstep, the core of Mac OS X. See

However, OS X Leopard is UNIX-compliant with some sort of certification. OS X does have FreeBSD’s virtual file system, network stack, components of its userspace and few other stuff. See apples on webpage about UNIX technology that is included with OS X -

So only a portion came from FreeBSD, it’s not based on it.

Sorry for bringing this up again, but according to AMD / Phoronix this reset issue has been fixed in kernel 5.6?

No, they have implemented a recovery routine into the AMDGPU driver, they have not fixed reset. It’s useless to us as we need to reset the GPU outside of any driver so the guest can use it.

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Ah, I see. Then it might be time to poke them again post vacation times, I think AMD want to solve this but have not been able to find the time to allocate due to lockdowns and what not.

Thanks for the speedy replies!

AMD are not interested in fixing this… not only have my contacts gone silent, I was contacted just today by a cloud compute company who have been poking AMD continually for a fix for this too, with zero movement desperate for a fix (or workaround) and willing to pay for it.

Even still though, I am having another look through the amdgpu driver for any changes that may help us…

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You too, huh? That makes three. I forwarded the pleas I got to AMD.

Surely SURELY since stadia is built with these that there is a way. Lol

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PCIe Hotplug with slot powerdown? It’s a different world when you can just have motherboards made to your own spec.

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Tell them they should do a post in the subreddit explaining what they need and why it’s so important that they’d throw money at it, like what gnif did a while back. Since begging and pleading aren’t working maby some negative attention might put it back on the radar. Even better if those companies did a post together.

I mean, if AMD can’t fix current cards that’s ok I get it, but let me know that next gen is going to be able to deal with it.

As it stands, the next video card I buy will likely be nvidia because at least you can make it work. Which is a shame because they are outright hostile to filthy peasants using vfio.

has anyone experimented with a powered riser
something like this but with a power killswitch added it
I think(?) hotplug is implemented data wise but not power wise
if successful it could become a workaround for AMD to use on Matx boards in ATX cases

kinda ghetto outside of the box solution but some people don’t mind that kinda thing

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Huh. No idea why they want to leave money on the table like this, if it was a HW issue you would reckon they’d come out and say so. Strange… :confused:

Completely, 100% in agreement. We need to let them know this is costing them serious $$$$$ at the end of the day. Raise the stink in about a month or so when people are back from summer holidays.

One of two things:

  1. it’s not worth the man hours to make the money back
  2. It is worth the man hours, but only barely.

You severely overestimate how large this niche is.

They’d make maybe 100k in sales off this change. That’s not profit. That’s not even revenue.