Current Projects

Does anyone here have any cool or interesting projects going on in their life. I was hoping to see and talk about all the cool things the community is into! lately i've been doing alot of hydroponics, bread baking, kimchi making, microgreen growing!

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Making beer.

It's kindof a project, but I and a bunch of the community here run a weekly show called the LAN. Check #thelan if you want to see all the various threads and stuff.

Other than that I know @Bee_Syndicate does a ton with bees :D


got any pics? is this your first batch?

I am building a portable RPi3 workstation that can also serve as an external monitor both in horizontal and vertical orientation.


Hmm, I will give it a try. Any plans for an audio rss feed? I have much more time for audio. I can always feed it into youtube-dl though and convert it if I really want to.

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Since I have all of the videos archived I can rip the audio for you in all likelihood.

also a couple of the episodes are missing since we tried to make a YT account just for the LAN but it twas deleted sadly, i can get those redone soon as well :D

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I setup a Debian based Plex server. Got PlexPy working and sharing it with a few friends. Backend ZFS storage on a freenas server I run for many purposes.

I need to get my VMware esxi lab up and running again. Need to start studying for certification.

Not currently, have made a good few now but no photos. I plan on doing another batch soon, may document it for here.

Youtube-dl can rip only the sound track. Saves bandwidth and time if you are not interested in the video anyway. This line is what I use, in conjunction with other stuff in a bash script so I have a button I can just press and it finds the browser tab that is open and download the audio track. The--restrict-filenames is just there so it will only use ASCII characters, and avoid "&" and spaces in filenames.

youtube-dl -c --restrict-filenames --extract-audio --audio-format mp3 -o

I cna post the entire bash script if you want it. All credits go to Gotbletu on youtube. His video on it has since been removed.. I wonder why...

Edit: definiton of what --restrict-filenames does.

Going to try my first installation of Linux and set up some sort of home server.

And then the superfun thing. I've got backups and saved files going back well over 10 years, but they're spread out among various hard drives, CDs, DVDs, etc. I'm going to attempt to have them all in place, in some sort of order.

im doing my 'Linux AirBook'. To get everything running nicely on my macbook.

and im trying to get deep into driver and kernel programming, but thats in the long run.

If you consider Bodybuilding a life-long project, then that.

and lurking around on tech forums. I don't have a lot going on. I'm sure that'll change at some point.

Learning PhantomJS and CasperJS. Decided my PHP scraper was inferior.

Nothing too crazy, but ill talk about it anyways.

for myself i want to build a console killer in the very same way that wendell and grizz did in their curing consolitis video, for around 300 bucks and use the thing to stream shows and play games on it like a console. the landscape for finding old systems around here is barren as all hell, and i would like to prove it can be done no matter where you are, with some patience and bargain hunting.

Besides that, my second semester of college is starting up, i am hoping to snag a promotion at my current job, and move out of the house soon. being 22 and still living with my parents just feels weird.

I just helped my dad bottle his latest IPA last night.

Hull Melon made it smell nice, but I guess the ounce and a half of Polaris hops for the full 60 minutes might have been a bit much.


Making the L1T forums great again by being annoying and pestering people to make good threads.

There has been an uptick in project's and guides, I take full undeserved credit for this.

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A tad maybe! How many gallons was the batch? hop pellets or proper hops?

I think the boil was 2.5 gallons and the final batch was 5.5 or something. Using pellets because the local supply of all hops are currently 112% used by the local breweries.

Sounds about the right amount to use then!