Current mb bios version doesn't support cpu

So I just bought a brand new asrock e3v5 fatality gaming motherboard with a kaby lake i7 processor and it doesn't post. I thought this might happen because on the cpu support list for that mb it says that cpu is supported on the newer version. The only ways I can think of flashing the new bios is either getting an older cpu and using it but I don't have one nor do I know anybody who does or I found this

I just want to know if this is legit or not and if there is any other way to do this that I can't think of.

Even if you get a new bios chip it probably will have the stock bios on it.
Best way is probably just getting a cheap Pentium or celeron (whatever is cheaper) that is Skylake and then update the bios.

Have you contacted ASRock about your issue? They'll send new BIOS chips to buyers if the board is still in warranty. Just explain the situation and they should be able to help.

It says in the listing that it will be the latest version.

This, see what ASrock has to say first.

ok yeah I totally didn't realize that asrock would just send me a new chip. I'll try to contact them tonight after I get home.