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Just in case people arent aware of a few things going on community wise, heres whats currently up.

Community Photography Assignments

@hutchison15 set up a photo assignments challenge.

Community Photo Assignments - May 2017 , The current theme this month is "MOTION".

Check out the previous months as well.
We also have an ongoing general photography from the community thread.

Book of the Month

@gearheadgirl27 organises a book of the month. This month is One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich

Book of the Month May/June (Formerly April/May) One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

Level1 Community Survey

The results are in from the survey. You can go check them out and check out the data as well, your own graphs and input from the data is welcome!

Science and Engineering

@chiefshane recently made a lounge topic for more technical and engineering talk, so if you want some technical but faily unstructured chat feel free to hang out there.

1 Year Linux Challenge

The one year linux challenge has been going on for a while. Anyone is welcome to put them selves in for it (the page is editable by all).

If you've completed it, or already have used Linux for years, your also welcome to take part in the "contemplation edition" challenge to make a blog post to share your knowledge and thoughts and learning.

Ultimate Linux Tutorial Series

@Dje4321 Has a new ongoing tutorial series aimed at Linux users. You can get them all through the #ult tag!

Got any more? Or if you want to start a community orientated thing, go for it. Let us know what we can help with :smiley:


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I didnt see anything about my #ult series im working on




I knew I missed something. I did put it here though



Could you add latest LAN Thread to this?

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I'm Guilty... I broke rule 2 by posting a political thread, and I'm sorry.

But my question is about "Necro"ing old threads....
Is there particular rules to reviving something best left buried (not the closed thread I should not have made)

for example, browsing a post about a HDD issue someone has, at the bottom will be suggested previous threads, which may not appear to be as old as they are.
Should one check they are for example 2 months new or something?
I'm not sure of the etiquette.



I believe it's generally up to user discretion to determine whether or not to revive an old thread. Like reviving a news thread because new and important information came out would probably be fine. Reviving a thread asking for build advice from four years ago is probably not a good idea.

Although the way I personally view it is if the thread hasn't had any new replies for a couple months or whatever it's best to make a new one. That way there's no chance of necro and other users don't end up replying to users who are no longer interested in the thread.

A third, and really nice, option is to make a new thread with a link to the old thread. That way people can refer back to the old thread without hunting for it and there's less of a chance for a necro. To do that simply click on the time/date in the upper right of the post you want to link to and then click the "+ New Topic" button.

TL;DR: Use the Force, Luke.



@Trooper_Ish it also depends if the OP is ok with it

like my Level 1 Roasts thread (formerly Roast Syndicate) I'm totally ok if someone brought that back

but my thread about 14.1 mantle drivers...not so much

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Maybe the mech keyboard corner could be added to the list? :smiley:



@Eden I started something sort of dont know how frequent I will be yet :slight_smile:



Theres also a poll for what project I'm doing next. It closes on the 7th.