Current build. Opinions?

CPU: i3-3240. Recycled because I could not fit one in my budget

Motherboard: Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H

Cooler: EVGA mITX ACX cooler

GPU: EVGA 760 2GB Superclocked with ACX cooling

HDD:1 TB Western Digital

SSD: 32 GB SanDisk Caching drive

RAM 16 GB of crucial memory

Case NZXT Phantom 410

PSU: EVGA 750w Bronze

This is used for gaming, video editing, very SLOW CPU encoding(lol), and some 3D CUDA rendering.

I'd probably upgrade to an ivy bridge i7 next, since it seems it would help you in a lot of areas.

But it looks like a pretty good build, even though you are using a somewhat low-end CPU (but hey, you can't beat reusing one when it comes to price/performance ratio)

Yeah. I REALLY need to upgrade that CPU. That is killing me in some of my speed. I bought the caching drive for that, and it gave me a BIG speed boost

Yeah.  Just get an i5 or i7.  Everything else should still perform pretty good.