Current best program for monitoring hardware stats/resource usage while gaming? (Are SpeedFan and GPU-Z still kewl?)

Just curious if there’s a new hotness for monitoring system resources (CPU/GPU clocks, loads, etc.) when gaming or running other programs. I was surprised that PUBG was running so shit on low settings on my rig so I popped open the Windows resource monitor, SpeedFan, and GPU-Z on one of my other monitors and it occurred to me that maybe something has risen in the past couple years that makes the info more clear, easier to check out/log, and puts it all in one place. Any recs?

HWInfo64 with a RivaTuner compatible OSD. You can even log over time with HWInfo64.

Speedfan stopped development, so newer processors only work with HWInfo64.

HWInfor64 for sure… but on a side note. gkrellm maybe… It used to be available for windows… not sure if it is still though or not… its kinda all over linux though.

Still have Speed fan and it has no problem seeing my 8700k temps and voltages.
But i do agree it’s old and you should use hardware info and rivatuner.

If you care to fiddle with files to get what you want then Rainmeter might be something.