Curious about this PSU, Kingwin trustable?

hey all, im looking to build a new comp and it's essentially going to be my first build, and im wondering about this PSU i found, it's a 850w platnum psu for incredibly cheap, but i've never heard of kinwin,

it's got no reviews really, and its dirt cheap for the wattage, and platnum kind of throws a curve ball at me as well, cause all other platnum grade psu's at this wattage are 220$+

comparing it to something like , there doesn't seem to be much of a difference, should i stick with the TTK psu? im not sure weither or not to trust this other one o.o

(my build post if anyones interested , and im having such a hefty psu because i plan to double my gpus and add in a few other things later on down the road)

It seems good. You read up on the review here, which is pretty thorough. I learned that it's a rebranded Super Flower SF-850P14PE, but that doesn't help me much since I've never heard of Super Flower, though the name doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

The review was positive, and the conclusion:

In summary, if you are thinking of buying a high-end 850 W power supply with the 80 Plus Gold certification, you may want to consider the Kingwin Lazer Platinum 850 W, which is in the same price range and offers higher efficiency. However, if the relatively low number of cables and connectors is an issue for you, you will have to pick a different product.

My only experience with Kingwin is that I bought a handful of case fans from them. I was rather impressed by them, but they're starting to die after 2 years. (review of a new ish kingwin PSU) (loads of PSU makes with reviews and info)

Super Flower is a good manufacturer, same level as Seasonic... or about.