Curious about Alibaba

(This one's probably a question for Wendell) 

Wendell mentions Alibaba on the tek occasionally and I heard his explanation of what it was (something like it being corporate ebay).  I was wondering how it worked; I visited the website just to check it out and they have EVERYTHING. Is it too good to be true? Is it mostly it scams? Can it be used by an average person or is it purely for businesses? 

Never bought anything from them, but if they can survive in Asia market and able to expand into USA, they are very likely to be legit.

Alibaba is not for us, weak mortals with our puny one piece purchases. Its good if you want to start new brand in your country - you pick goods, you pick supplier, pick quallity etc,import and voila..

If you want something in small quantities - less than 100pcs, you should be looking at

HINT for LOGAN and WENDELL - is there a way to do affiliate accounts on aliexpress as it is on amazon? It would be another small income for you and your site.

Alibaba only does wholesale. So an individual buyer that only wants to buy 1 or 2 piece won't be able to buy from them. So it mostly caters to small to big businesses.