Cups print server on Raspberry pi problem

Hi guys,

I recently purchased a raspberry pi to take care of a bit of network storage and printing in my local network. Storage works fine (samba server), but I have my issues with the printing.

I installed cups (common unix printing service) on the pi, configured the config files and installed + shared the printer (very old HP Laser Jet 6P connected via USB to the raspberry). I can print from my PC and Laptop, but only from wicrosoft word 2010. When I try to print a pdf form the scrobar reader nothing happens. Same with notepad or any other program. Only microsoft office seems to work, Do you guys have any idea why?

I would very much appreciate your help.



Solved the issue myself after trying printer settings for hours. Disabling Advanced Printer Features and switching the Graphics mode to 'Raster' did the trick. You can find the settings if you enter the print window form notepad, select the printer -> preferences -> advanced. Hope this helps someone in the future