"Oh well yeah, you know, rape culture"

Are you fucking kidding me. Rape culture? Is there fucking dildo culture for the pile of dildotards coming up with this shit?

I hate that everything is a fucking culture. Its like the mario cartoon making everything a "Land". CarLand, SpaghettiLand, VanLand, IFuckedYourMomLand and itwasgreatland.

Nerd culture? Well ok, I guess? Mostly I have a problem with a bunch of bitchy tits running around with scissors. But anything is a culture now. Alright, I'm starting ChainsawMurder culture and I'm gunna start clearing this shit out. Its fucking annoying.


Don't forget the -gate stuff too! I don't even follow sports and the whole Deflategate schtuff was all over the place.

Gate Culture

Culture Gate


See its weird for me because while I completely agree with you, I am also in a unique position to disagree with you.

Look up UVA. Believe me when I say that I genuinely hate people. I especially hate social justice warriors.

But I have seen rape culture for myself when I was at UVA. And it was not behind some dark and shady door either. Douchey frat boys were damn near giving a full confession in the cafeteria in broad day light.

Rape culture does actually exist. Its not a national epidemic, its not a difficult problem to solve, and it certainly does not pertain to most men like feminists want to believe.

But it still does exist in certain places, and I hope more people bring it to the attention of the DOJ so that schools will be forced to stop turning a blind eye to it.


Sounds like a plan


Basically this.

Rape Culture is a polarizing term coined by certain key advocates of current-stream feminism, which has systematized certain aspects and behaviors, then applied it to the whole group. It is presented as something that permeates all of society which goes hand-in-hand with what they also dub as Patriarchy.

This broad, extending all-pervasive Rape Culture does not exist, but certainly rape cultures exists within certain pocket groups.

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Oh it exists, but the truth about it would be considered 'hate' because of the "protected groups" of people who commit it.

One US Presidential candidate merely alluded to it, and was branded a racist for acknowledging facts.

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Although i agree that the general public is lumping everything into categories lately rather than looking at things case by case you do need to understand that this is a very serious topic for some people, this is not something you or even I can rip apart unless you have experienced the aftermath your self, i'm currently living with a girl who wakes up 4 to 5 nights a week screaming or crying due to a terrible child hood, you need to be more aware of how topics like these could insult others I understand your upset about how people lump it in to a broad spectrum but if that's what they need to do to sleep at night then so be it.
(on a side note i still agree that the extremists should not group all people or all "men" as evil do to something some one else has done.)

Also this isn't really the forum to be talking about all of this.

Sounds like the name of a cool Retrowave band

I argue that it doesn't exist, and mostly its by definition, but over all it mostly just sounds really fucking stupid, not to be TOO abrasive.

Culture changes something in society over all. Its something that contributes to the greater definition of being human and when I think of the word Culture I think of science, literature, the great writers, fucking Stallman and Torvalds, the creators of Arch, Gabe Newell, Steve Jobs, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed... I think of things that actually define people and show their characteristics.

Hacker Culture, we rip shit apart and figure out how it works (it applies to this forum pretty well I think). A religion, it defines your beliefs. Hell you wanna be wierd about it Internet Culture DEFINATELY exists. Memes, you know, those inside jokes that all of us get that no one else does? Silk Road, KAT Torrents, Limewire, I even think of the VERY early youtube, new grounds, yeah all that shit means something in the space of the internet (thinking of the internet as a nation kinda lol).

Rape is not a culture. It does not contribute to anything. It does not define a person. It does not pass go and receive anything. Rape is a terrible thing that happens. Its not a thing that needs to happen, its merely a fucked up part of the human psyche left over from when we were monkeys. Now if you want to define it as Prisons and College Retards, go ahead, but holy shit is it NOT a culture. Quite the opposite, actually.

AND, @Calculatron made the best point. Its not a thing, but rather its a stupid term made up by people who don't know what they are yelling about half the time.

No no. Culture does not contribute to a society, the society contributes to the culture. Your definition puts the cart before the horse.

Culture is really just a summation of many intrinsic properties of a particular society.

The hacker culture is defined by people who hack things. Metal culture is defined by people who like metal.

Rape culture is defined by people who are open and willing to rape people.

Now here is the thing. We are not talking about rapists. An individual rapist probably knows that what he is doing is wrong and will land him in jail.

We are talking about a group of sociopaths that think they are entitled to do what ever they want. It is literally a society of crazy people who have a tendency to rape people.

Cape Rulture
& @meggerman

People complaining about culture culture.

Live and let live.

Well it started in the 70s. With the e-pill and date rape pills. That's why you go out with reliable friends and people with morals you can trust. Women should expect danger if they are just going out at the bars or out of town looking for that one nighter with their "dream" f**ktoy. I mean there's always that classic story of going out and meeting a hot "trick" guy, they go to a motel and he goes to bathroom or outside and the gang rape crew shows up. Then there's that drunk easy girl at the bar that dies after being lined up 50 man deep at someone's house. Or that story where no one defends a drunk girl and she is with her classmates and they let all the guys rape her and she commits suicide the next day knowing she got taken advantage of. All the people there have no souls. If towns allow 'red light districts' and prostitution more in certain states, I think there would be less of a rape culture as there is an outlook for this instead of illegal brothels and Mexican whore house in America.

I usually submit "nerd culture" with "informed people who actually pay attention to things that matter".

Yes, I am putting our "culture" above almost all other cultures. Why? Because we fucking are. We look at the best ways to do things, the best ways to make things easier, the best ways to make things cheaper, etc.

Drunk and don't give a fuck.

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Worth pointing out, that they put themselves in that situation to some extent.

While yes, that person should have a reasonable expectation of safety and not being raped, I could also reasonably expect them to pay attention to what they are doing, where they are, and maybe even being capable of defending themselves.

Basically: Don't go drinking around douchebags, and chances are you won't get raped. Avoid the situation all-together.

This opinion doesn't advocate or otherwise say "Well she was asking for it", it's merely saying "what did you expect when you got black out drunk at a party full of douchebags? have some common sense and some fucking self awareness, because now society has to spend money on investigating this, trying the douchebags, and then housing said douchebags for several years for said douchebaggery"

I didn't bitch when a co-worker ran over my foot with a cart full of laptops, that probably weighed a few hundred pounds, and nearly broke my foot. Why? Because I stuck my foot in front of the wheel on that cart thinking he would stop, and it would be funny. It's as much, if not more, my fault as it is his.

You put your hand on something that's visibly hot, you get burned.

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I agree, rape culture in the west is bullshit. Not in the east however.

This shouldn't be a war on words.

Culture is simply defined as a group of peoples value systems. How else do you define it, society? If we want to expand on it to provide more nuance for different types of cultures, perhaps that already exists? Micro-culture? Still that word...

Nothing wrong with it imo. It is easily understood and communicable to define a clique of people who associate themselves with a certain identity.

Perhaps that is the problem? I don't know if it's a word problem, more than an identity and human problem.

I honestly don't think it's a problem at all. It's the spice of life. If everyone was the same, then wouldn't the world be drab?

Rape Vulture

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Totally agree, but nobody wants to admit it because then it's automatically labeled as "victim blaming". We've done so much to protect victims and now modern "feminists" are actually tilting toward the other end of the scale. If you tell someone to have some self control and self awareness for whatever reason now you're the bad guy.

In the navy they taught us if you have sex with someone who's had one beer it can still be considered rape, because they can claim they were "impaired". WTF is that bullshit? They may be slightly buzzed if they're a lightweight but they're definitely not going to be so impaired that they can't consent. What if two people are drunk and have sex? According to this logic, neither of them can consent, so who's fault is it? I guess then it would just depend on who tattles first.

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On you had to go through that training too in the Navy?

I had a blast messing with the lady who taught it.

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