Cuda is just a gimmick -_-

Ive gotten to the point where I feel like I was screwed by Nvidia with their bull shit "Cuda" gimmick on geforce graphics cards.. It seems nothing i use will accept or work properly with my GTX 770. 2 or 3 months ago I was referred to a program to convert video formats and it uses cuda but the codecs cuda supported were limited and it only used about 12% utilization and was slow as hell. as far as premium software like sony vegas ( i just tried vegas 13) and adobes applications it seems like I was lied to. Im VERY upset. I wanted an Nvidia card and payed more for one just for cuda support that no one supports... I feel i was better off getting a cheaper yet equal performing AMD card. 
Turns out all quadro cards work PEACHY on these applications yet cost a million times more than mine even though mine has more processing power. how do they get away with this?!?  

Is there a way to make these programs believe i have a quadro card? some kinda driver i can install to make my card act more like a quadro? im seriously frustrated as hell with this and would love some kind of fix 

there is this article:,21656.html

Not to rub salt in the wounds but this is exactly why I go AMD. The return from Intel and nVidia is just not worth the entry price to me. I only game though, with some occasional screen capture and video editing. It is just far cheaper.

That said. If I had stacks of cash I would have an nVidia card for gaming. I love them and would like things like Physx, lower power consumption and better temperature control, the performance gap between AMD and nVidia is not worth the money on on budget.

how peculiar, i have an ancient Geforce 8800gtx and Cuda works well, mind you only with the right version. I'm a bit fuzzy on whether current cards still are picky about versions since I switched to AMD for OpenCL because i mostly use Linux.   

says that the gtx770 is compatible with version 3.0

"the internet" says that the gtx770 is based on the GK104 chip who apparently has some compatibility problems, and that allot of websites carry false information. Also newer versions of the Cuda toolkit seem to be mixing up stuff.

I fund allot of contradicting information, so maybe try out v3.0 and if that doesn't pan out, this forum : seems to have allot of Cuda savvy people in it.

You can use 770 for premiere if you unlock it.

In the future when you purchase a card again take a few minutes to see what cards the software you want to use officially supports. It'll save you a lot of time and frustration. Good luck.

Have you installed Cuda drivers? Then also did you go into the Graphics card files and add to the text file GeForce GTX 770 Ray trace suported cards for Adobe After Effects, in Premeire pro you also need to add GeForce GTX 770 to suported cards list in program files cuda_supported_cards. after that you also need to enable the GPU in preferences in adobe. After all that you should notice a difference unless your runing huge files like 4-6k raw with heavy comps.