CUDA: Is it worth it?

I'm looking into a build to use to edit video with and I've heard that CUDA is the way to go for video editing.  I'm wondering is it really that valuable.

Also any recomendations for OpenCL video editing software? 

Realistically all CUDA and OpenCL are gonna do, is shave like two or three minutes off long (20+ minute) renders, really what it's used for is to accelerate the preview window and help effects rendering and previews. I've used both in Sony Vegas, they both accomplish the same goals, just if your going to use Sony Vegas, it needs to be version 12 because it's the version that really integrated GPU acceleration into everything, 11 and before only used it for the preview if I remember correctly. Now, I haven't played with it's support as extensively in other applications such as Photoshop and Blender and the likes, although I do know that CUDA was supported in the Adobe CS Suite well before OpenCL was. 


Bottom line, both CUDA and OpenCL will help out, but it won't be this in-your-face thing, it's more of a behind the scenes legwork kind of thing. Both will get you to your goals, one isn't the clear victor over the other. Just go with the manufacturer you like better, or whichever is cheaper, whichever one is more important :P


Also, if it's openCL your after, I would go with either Premier Pro or Sony Vegas, both have rather nice OpenCL/CUDA support. Those are the two *major* ones i know of off the top of my head that have support for it.

Thank you for you help!

premiere (on windows) will only use cuda (100% positive) (not true on mac os)

sony vegas will only use OpenCl (80% positive)

so yeah, those are the 2 main video editors on windows, if you want adobe you should probably go green if you want sony you should probably go red

The new version of Adobe Premier will have full OpenCL support - it is the more powerful of the two, and should overtake CUDA. Still, Photoshoploves CUDA. Not worth the extra money, though. Get a 7970 instead of a 680, and have the option to mine Bitcoins, Feathercoins, Litecoins, whatever. to buy another 7970, then another, and another.... Then build a new rig with 4 more 7970s, and start all over again.

I don't know about 4 7970's.... Right now I'm looking at an EVGA 660ti or an Asus or HIS 7870ghz.

As it is I don't think it is wise to invest in a mining rig with it being as volatile as it is... Either way I go I may mine in the off hours just because I want to keep tabs on various coins... But if I were you I wouldn't expect that much from mining.