CSS3 snow for everyone!

I know i keep spamming it everywhere, but in case anyone planning to use snow on their website or if you work for company and your clients want some snow, i made simple CSS3 animation of snowfall

Original code is written in LESS pre-processor, but you can use included compilers to make CSS from it or lets say WinLess if you're on windows.

Its open souce and free for commercial use :P


Online demo:

you can modify variouns settings in config.less here:


if you look into code, its basically 3 layers (front, mid, back) moving from top to bottom again and again. First layer is focused, others 2 are blurred and with smaller snowflakes to make "3D-like" effect

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new version released. Now accelerated by gpu running in glorious 60FPS! :D

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Good stuff, thanks for posting!

PC Master Race approved!

This seems neat, especially since it's written in LESS