Css go Release date bro

Yea at least its not 50 or 60 bucks heard it comes with limited edition tf3 and portal 3 hats.


I kind of want to boycott this game just because it includes hats...


Lol, I probably won't end up buying it anyway just because I never liked Source. I guess they are making a lot of tweaks according to pro gamers' requests though, so hopefully they're fixing the hitboxes and weapon accuracy issues.

I got a beta pass and I like it a lot. The hitboxes are much improved and weapons behave as they should. There are also tiny changes made to maps (aside from the graphical upgrades) that actually change the balance and almost always for the better. I think they did a very good job with it, and it really reinvigorated my fondness of CS.

I loved source for surf maps. Hopefully CS:GO retains that glitch, if that's what it was.

It's already better than CSS, as far as the core gameplay mechanics go. It's about as good as 1.6, I'd say. I think it has the potential to be even better.

You never liked Source?... I'm drooling, cross-eyed, and banging my head on my desk.

i hope they do a lot of updating befor ethey release

i hope they do a lot of updating befor ethey release

I didn't like source because I could spray and entire clip at an enemy 5 feet away from me and maybe hit him with two bullets. Not to mention that the shotguns are more accurate and have longer range than the assault rifles. Plus the hitboxes are fucked up.

I tried to play it, but I just couldn't put up with all the bullshit.