CSGO Weird lag

So I have had this bug/problem on Linux for awhile now and I really want to play CS:GO, but its unplayable, the video shows the weird lag that I haven't had before, but it was awhile ago when it worked good, just have stopped because of the bug and decided to post about it. Haven't here about this anywhere else and have spent awhile trying to solve it. Thank you for any help.

The bug is here

EDIT: Specs
amd fx 8320
asus m5a99fx pro r2.0
gtx 650ti boost superclocked
8 gigs of ram

EDIT 2: On custom servers there is no weird lag with 128 tick, will try on custom with 64 tick

EDIT 3: Stopped playing csgo as much and still have no idea what the problem is :\

Isn't CS:Go on Linux still beta? There are bound to be problems.

Have you experienced anything similar in Windows?

What GPU drivers are you using? Also what distro and desktop environment?

Nope, using 10 as of now and no problems, even in 7.

Was using i3 and arch (evolution to be exact) and the 304 drivers, ones that evo lution installed. Also sorry for the delay have been busy.

Never used that tool to install Arch so I do not know what drivers it installs by default, so I would purge them and install the appropriate. LINK

Idk i play csgo without issues on my xubuntu 14.04. i7 gtx 980 driver is i think 352

first i would try to reinstall your drivers and then reinstall csgo

I will try that later today thank you.