CSGO Low FPS? :3

So I'm getting trash CSGO performance with the following system:

2x E5 2687W V2 3.4Ghz
64GB 1600Mhz
Server 2012 R2

I only get about 80 or so FPS on low :(
Can you guys help me out?

I am curious, is it possible to disable crossfire in catalyst with the 7990?
If so I would advise you to do so. Often times a card(s) in crossfire results in lowered performance.
You should see around 140 FPS with a single 7970.

Umm, it's possible that CS:GO doesn't know what to do with your rig.

Uhhhh I think that CSGO is not supported on Server operating systems. Get windows 7 or 8, download the drivers and should be fixed.

Edit* not supported on windows Server OS get Windows 7.

Ok chicos! Thanks for the help. I may very well have to create a Windows 8.1 partition then... I was looking at the GPU usage and its topping off at 100% for a single GPU, signaling a driver issue.
Thanks Tek Syndicate Community! I knew I could count on you <3

Edit: The Discussion Continues...

Really? I was told that HD7990s yielded 200+ FPS in CSGO benchmarks... Could you elaborate at all?

He might have meant the lowest FPS that it produces, or the most stable framerate. Since CS:GO gameplay really requires as little stuttering as possible, 140 might be that magic number.