CS issues and memory help!

Hey guys, i bought CSS at best buy for liek $20 yesterday, i installed it, works find when i boot, i did stress test, but heres wat happends when i click servers, i click servers, wait a few sces, all the servers show up and it says there lantency is between 50-140, (popular serverswith ppl playing) i double click to join and i click join, nothing happends, that mini box pops up with with server info, all of a sudden, lantency is 1000+, sumtimes 2k, i cant join any servers, i can only play offline, so yea....idk y this happend, I unblocked it when firewall asked me to, i ran it as adminstrator, same problem, so yea.....Help plz? i got Verizon FIOS 5k download and 4k upload speed, thats pretty good, i play hl2 DM just fine, idk y source is problem, or maybe verizon? idk....

BTW last time i played CS was 9 years ago, when i use to live in Lebanon, all my friends and I would go to lan party and play for hours and hours (i was 7 years old at the time, im 16 now) and we only played 1 map and we loved it, and i cant seem to find it anywere, idk if its custom or not, but i remember it was night time map, mini-like warehouse, surrounded by city scape, i remember a bridge in there too and i think sciensits were hostigase, but i dont rememebr well, it was long time ago and i didt know english bak then, any1 know the map? Ty..

EDIT: I did research, the map i was talking about above is Cs_Assault <<< reason i bought CSS, but i played Cs_Assault in source now and its a whole different map, is there a way i can get Cs_Assault 1.6 version on CCS?

dont know the map your talking about, but in css you have to find servers that are local to you, look for stuff on the eastern or werstern seaboards, or maybe central america. i dont know, where do you live now?

Is this the right map?


George, i live in Boston, MASS and yes dude, thats the map, thx, but Cs_Assault looks diff in source, is there a way to play the 1 from 1.6 on source? i cant get 1.6....:-(

I don't know man... I don't play CS anymore... I just remembered that map and posted here because you were asking for it. Use de_dust that is a legendary map.

About your latency problem, I think it is either your Internet Security or your Fios router hindering you to join a server. I can join any steam game without any problem except for CSS. My BitDefender doesn't like CSS.

Try port forwarding.

just google it.

kk thx guys, ill try to port forward, i had to do it to host my ts server....if it does not work, ima call up verizon and complain, cause its there router and service and it never happend before (exept tf2, but 5 days later, it started working)


Good luck dude, Hopefully you get it working how you want it to

Tyvm for help, but were can i download cs_assualt (1.6 version) for source?

You cant play it online with other people unless you have your own server....

But if you want to play it locally you can just take the map out of your cstrike folder and put it in your CSS folder

Google is your friend :]