CS:GO updates ---> de_cbble

So I am sitting behind my waiting for the update and I read the update log and was surprised that they added Cobble and Overpass maps. As a relative layman, are they good maps? I read that they are made by the same guy that made de_dust and de_dust_2. 

Has anyone played on the map? Does anyone have any tips? And is it worth buying Opreation Bravo so that I play these maps on official matchmaking? 



Nobody plays seriously/competitively on DLC content. Sorry for not answering your question though, I haven't played in a while (and I'm glad I didn't since it's turning into another disaster like tf2's cosmetic updates).

Cobble is a decent map.  Nothing mind blowing though.  Lots of routes to take, a few sniper perches and a couple cramped corridors that generally turn into meat grinders/nade spam.  Assuming they kept the same basic layout from Source (and 1.6?  I don't remember ever playing it though).  It's a good map to break up the monotony of the more popular maps though.