CS:GO Team

Is anybody interested in forming a competitive CS:GO Team? If you are interested in meeting up in competitive or public matches post you steam ID here. If we get a game going I will record the demo and post it here.

Rank: Nova ||
Steam ID: 10100111001

Sounds like fun but I'm terrible a the game.

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Ill play, but I really have a messed up schedule. I would basically be best used as a ringer, but I can help people with strategy and strats. That is my forte in the game. Hit me up "nfct" on steam.

Would love to join you sir, been looking for some players in CS, the last CS I played was 1.6 I was pretty good at it. I have now the GO still trying to get familiarize with the new mechanics but I pretty much got it down now. My Steam is Predaking,

sounds fun


I just bought this game, DLing right now. I played CS 1.6 like once or twice way back in the day when it first came out, and I've played a decent amount of CSS. I was kind of interested in CS GO and thought about buying it, but I just learned that apparently a lot of Russians play the game. I've been trying to learn Russian, and I don't know any Russians or any Russian courses around where I live, so I decided to pull the trigger and maybe I can pick some things up from some native Russian speakers. Of course, playing some CS is a plus as well. Maybe I'll get good enough at it some day to think about joining a casual competitive team, but who knows? 

I just played some CSS for the first time in a couple years and I'm rusty as hell obviously. Can't get my fucking keybinds to work either.

One thing I'm really really really not looking forward to though is my carpal fucking tunnel flaring up again and becoming a problem again for me. FUCK! I think I actually quit playing CSS because of it, and I got a XBOX 360 controller for Skyrim because of it.

CS so fun though ....

Have you guys came across a lot of Russians in CS GO?

Edit: In CS GO can you not bind buys to numpad numbers other than 5?

I have, I play it often but no problems with them. They are very funny to me like their accent and their words that I can't even imagine spelling. They are so funny idk why but they are to me. Don't hate the game because of people playing it, believe me Sweeds are sometimes worse than Russians and I've been playing CS very, very long time. Greetings from Croatia.

Well, I've only come across a few Russians, haven't talked with any of them, and I have to stop because my carpal tunnel is flaring up.

Oh yeah, and I still suck.

I'd like to join, but I'm pretty shit at this game... Well, I am Silver I, so that goes without saying (even though I am top of the match most of the times).

I do not know if any of you have tried to add me or not, but if you do can you leave me a message so i know who it is I have had some scammers try to add me the last couple of weeks.

Are there any kind of custom X v X overlays for the hud or something? So you don't have to hit tab and try to count the remaining players ... that shit is seriously distracting from the game when you're trying to see how many players are left on each team.


Go to game settings > mini-scoreboard style > Just show player count :D 

I think it would be fun but we'd need some good players. I call awp if we make a team.... 


Another question I have is I can hear both teams voice chat in casual mode. Is this normal, and if so why? Surely it's not like this for completive.

I think counter strike is probably the hardest game I've ever played. There's just such a huge difference in skill from the floor to ceiling.

In casual you can here everybody but in comp it is team only. Then in 3rd party clients like Cevo, Faceit and Esea you can talk to your team, but when you die you have 10 seconds and then you cannot be heard by alive teammates. You also cannot be heard by the enemy team when dead. Warmups you can here everybody, in every client and mode. 

you would need to fight me for it.... just sayin

resistor add me to steam and i can try to give you some fun advice on how to get better at the game. Something for everyone would be make sure your launch options are set correctly and then go make a bot game on lan and use a bot script to do headshot practice. I do mine on aim_"add map name here" and with a bot script its like 15 bots vs me and all they do is constantly respawn and run towards me while i have infinite ammo in ak and deag. since it is lan you can spawn awp or m4 is you want to practice something else.

Anyone got any tips? I have only been on pc for just over 2 weeks and only been playing CS for just over a week.

I am currently doing placement games and atm I solo que. I have played 5 and won 4, and have been top fragger in every game, normally around 35-40 frags too.

However, I still have a hell of a lot of room for improvement, I am good at CQ and Medium range, but when it comes to long range tap firing and movement, I'm really not great! I am also not very confident when I pick up an AWP either.

Any tips or people to teach me as we play would be greatly appreciated!