CS: GO Problems

Hey guys, having a bit of a problem with Global Offensive as of late.  I'm getting random stutters, where the game locks up for a few seconds, seemingly for no reason. I know the source engine is bad at handling  a lot of audio, could SteelSeries engine be contributing to the freezing? I know I'm more than capable of running it, if you look at the specs on my profile, and I even tried lowering the settings, but that didn't help. Any suggestions appreciated!

CS:GO has a lot of problems lately, the major one being that North-America is discovering it. It's been nice for a couple of years, but now there's almost 4 million users on the servers at any time, of which 1.5 million kids with aimbots and wallhacks. CS:GO is really suffering for the moment, the 250k tournaments are not a healthy way of marketing the game at all. Another problem is the ranking system. Ranks were never that important in CS:GO, and players that played a lot, would try to avoid ranking up too high, because it meant they would play less in matchmaking. However, since North-America discovered CS:GO, the entire mentality has changed, and North-Americans tend to want to rank as high as possible at all cost, and then do casual play and throlling of other players with a smurf. I would like to see smurfs banned, because it's not a healthy thing. It's not about ranking... most Globals are US players, yet US players mean nothing in CS:GO, they don't have one really good team that can compete with Euro teams, yet the Euro pro players traditionally didn't use smurfs because they don't care about the ranking.

Then there is the costant changing of gameplay items by Valve. Two years down the line, they're still changing gun specs and putting flower pots on stupid places in maps and changing spammability of materials and things in maps. It's just stupid. The entire game is being consolized, whereas it should evolve towards higher performance, shorter latencies and better shot registering reliability in linux.

Valve is killing CS:GO because of the moneyz from the NA market.

I'm guessing that if Valve isn't careful how much they continue to fuck up CS:GO, there will come an open source free to play community CS:GO-type game, that is not consolized on linux like CS:GO is, and that will take the competitive scene in Europe by storm. In France and Germany, open source games like Urban Terror are already a thing, and there are a lot of competitive communities that focus on Urban Terror. It's not inconceivable that community development on Urban Terror or something like that might pick up because of the frustration with Valve ruining CS:GO.

I just hope everything returns to normal soon, that Valve undoes the consolization of the linux client towards a client fully capable of the linux performance benefits, and that North-American skiddies and cheaters that have just discovered CS:GO return to playing COD and forget about CS, that's all...

I hadn't really ever thought of it like that, but I hate how people have been smurfing more lately. Thanks for the fun rant though, heh.

yes it is totally unplayable for me atm, freezing every 2-3 seconds 

Yeah I had some stutters too lately, but only one to two per day. 

i just started playing again and i keep buying a p250 by mistake because they moved the auto pistol to a different slot, so annoying.

Ok , I have had this problem for the longest time , and fixed it by :

Removing OC on the GPU ( VERY IMPORTANT ) and putting the game on an ssd .

Ok , I have had this problem for the longest time , and fixed it by :

Removing OC on the GPU ( VERY IMPORTANT ) and putting the game on an ssd .

I had it where the game would go black , and freeze , then Image would come back , and 2-3 seconds  later freeze , etc .

americans ruin everything.


I play CS: GO for a while now, but mostly for fun.

Can you please tell me what smurfing means?

Smurfing =

You are , say legendary eagle skill , but you play on a nova 3 account to play against noobs ; and to stay nova 3 , you might disconnect from matches , or just leave the account alone for a few weeks.

That seems very silly. Why would it make you feel better to play against noobs?

doesn't help me. i am stock clocked on everything , gpu maxes out at like 65-70 degrees , cpu about 40 degrees . all other games run fine , its just csgo and the terrible source engine that stutters like this

Are the guys blackscreening running the 14.9 driver from amd? I ran into that problem last night. 

Nope.  With 14.9 my only problem is the menus have tons of frame drops.

I'm running the latest nvidia drivers, but i got the blackscreen problem the others mentioned with an overclocked 7730, set it to stock fixed it. The stutters on my 670 are still bad though.

its stuttering for all source games now , csgo is the most severe for me

I normally agree with you with a large amount of things, but this is utter garbage. CS:GO has actually been more played in the NA since release than in EU due to the fact that most of the major competitive teams did not want to move to CS:GO in Europe from 1.6. You may say, well that is not the casual crowd...... but the casual crowd follows the competitive scene in CS, always has. CS:GO is having a large amount of their issues not due to NA just finding the game, but due to the amount of people streaming it more regularly and pulling in larger audiences who in turn buy and play it. If you would like to thank anyone thank the LoL crowd. Many of the high audience streamers from League of Legends have also began streaming CS:GO every so often due to finding it and wanting to try it. The lemmings follow them. And as for the idea of smurfs..... many people who make them are doing it to play with their friends who are not as good as them, to let their friends have fun without getting destroyed. I have played with friends who are ranked in the top players in the world and they just joke around and have fun on smurf with us in order to have fun. They are not trying to ruin peoples fun. They are trying to have their own. 



PS: most of those 1.5 million hackers you are calling out....... are not hackers just better at the game.

I'm under the impression that more Euro MLG athletes (since they're considering making it an Olympic discipline, might as well call them athletes right? lol) come from the CS:S scene than NA pros. It's true that CS:GO was not received all that well, and that the CS1.6 scene in the EU remained viable for a longer time than in NA, but CS1.6 is still a better game for competition, and CS:S was not nice, but still much harder than CS:GO.

CS:GO was made for the NA market, and the big bucks tournaments are the best proof of that. Ask any EU pro team, and they'll agree that the usual rapid sequence of 10-50k tournaments, which are usual in the EU, is a better way to go than the 4 major 250k tournaments that are hyped up right now. Teams have sponsors, and those sponsors deliver the paychecks, and for that, they need a constant income from the competition. Now, all that seems to matter, are the 4 huge tournaments, which means that Fnatic and NIP dominate the whole scene, whereas in reality, a constant flow of smaller tournaments, provides a more balanced playing field, whereby more teams can make a living out of MLG.

CS:GO is also pretty broken for MLG. There are always problems, which wasn't the case with CS or CS:S.

CS:GO is also a completely different game than CS. CS gave much more opportunity for really good players to shine and prove themselves, whereas CS:GO is a much easier to play game, that holds back players that have invested greatly in their skills. And Valve keeps changing the game to make it harder for players to cash in on individual performance. That is not good for esports, that is not good for the market value of the individual athletes, but that is done just to please the big marketing money.

Now that Valve has finally decided to release the linux client, which is handicapped in more ways than any linux port has ever been, it's clear where Valve wants to take this, and it's just not fair. So yeah, CS:GO is made for the NA market, but CS in general is mainly a EU affair, because that's where the players are that have invested greatly in nothing but CS skills. EU CS players don't care about LoL or whatever other hyped up marketing vector, they care about the game, and they want to make a living of being esports athletes.

I don't agree with your PS. Cheaters are cheaters. They cheat because they value the ranking system, and not the game. Cheaters don't care about the game. There's a difference between playing a game and loving a game. Valve doesn't do much against cheaters, because cheaters pay the bills, they don't care about getting good at the game, about the game itself, they care about looking good, they buy skins, they buy aimbots and wallhacks and other things that are SOLD by the people that really know the game from the inside (!), they are Valve's cash cow. CS:GO is not about the game any more, it's about money, about consumption, hence about NA, because that's where the most eager consumers are.

It's not just Valve, it started with EA, then Ubisoft, then the rest of them, the game studios just don't care about the games anymore, they only care about the marketing. Ask any game developer about the huge gameplay fails in CS:GO... it's pretty bad, and that's not even talking about the software, that's just the game mechanics and gameplay. CS:GO is a cheater magnet, and cheaters are the primary source of income of Valve. That's why overwatch does nothing, that's why Valve bans good players in favour of cheaters. It's just not serious any more. No honor! Typical Corporate 'Murica...