CS:GO Causes my fans to go really loud

I'm not too sure whether this is in fact a problem however when I play CS:GO my fans increase their sound production. I just want to know whether this can cause a problem or how I can go about fixing it

My specs are:
AMD FX-4300 Processor
Memory: 8 GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960

The fans on your GPU or the fans on your case?

I believe the case

Download your GPU manufacturers software, as well as your motherboard manufacture software, and then tinker with the fan-speeds. It'll definitely be easier to change the fan curve of the GPU, but for some motherboards (like mine), you can also change the Case+CPU fans speed via a downloadable software. If you can't change your case fan speeds via software, go into the bios/uefi and try though there. Almost every desktop motherboard i've seen has allowed me to do SOME fan-speed tinkering via the bios/uefi.

You should also check whether your PC is within safe temps or not via software, such as HWMonitor.