Crysis errors problems


(This happens only when I play crysis)

This problem really irritates me (I have no pics of this, but I will try to describe it to you the best I can): ok...first i play the game in a couple of minutes, then suddenly the screen turns to a colour, then pictures and stuff appears really fast one by one. (the music runs in the background, and some times i can hear when i shoot, but I can't see it on the screen)When this happens I will need to restart my computer, and only some times the ctrl-alt-delete works.

please help!


GPU: nvidia xfx 9800 GTX xxx edition = in game (crysis) about the 60 degrees C (55% fan speed) (driver: 177.39)

CPU: intel Q6600 OC to 3.2GHz = in game...think 35-40 degrees C

RAM: from OCZ nvidia sli ready (800MHz) pc2-6400

PSU: Corsair 750 Watt PSU

Motherboard: xfx nvidia 780i sli

Harddirve: 500Gb seagate 7200RPM

monitor: Asus vw222s 22* 2ms

oh...and it's running on windows xp home 32-bit

Check all the power cables are connected and the card is sat in the slot properly. If that's all fine try reinstalling the driver. if that fails, try resetting the bios. and if all else fails, try that gpu in a different system, or try a different gpu in that system and see if you get the same problem.

Does this only occur in Crysis, or in other games as well? Also, try updating to the newest drivers, if 177.39 aren't the newest.

update driver, reinstall drivers, all that good stuff, and did u install a mod for crysis? mayb u put it in the wrong folder or deleted a very important file, try reinstalling crysis,