Crysis 3 online dead

Why is it taht in the pc barely anyone plays crysis 3 multiplayer, I went looking for multiplayer matches and most of them were empty, there like 10 marchers with anyone in them. Crysis 3 multiplayer is great and I don't get why people aren't playing It, its ceplainly better then cod and does take a lot more skill, I guess that might be the reason.

The Crysis franchise has been dead to me since C2 came out. The original Raptor team was the ultimate protagonist team (except Prophet, he always seemed different), the gameplay was spectacular - I've played it through about 9 times, every time i find some new route to enter, some new way to utilize my suit to its full potential. The previous success of the single player had set up a high standard, which was not beaten by the original C1 multiplayer, for it was not polished enough. The maps were huge and there were cool objectives (catch alien factory, get alien weapons, win at life), but there was something that didnt feel right. The multiplayer in C2 and C3 was just COD with an added "who-can-put-on-armor-mode-faster" challenge (don't get me started on dumbing down the suit).

TL;DR - C2 and C3 sucked as SP games, they cant possibly be good as multiplayer games.


I also think that the high end graphics card requirements does play a role. Those who love the series may just have a GTX 550 Ti or something. Don't get me wrong the crysis series is mostly about the graphics quality but i think in a few months or a year there will suddenly be a large intake of crysis 3 customers because they can now effeciently play this agme without worrying about their pride and joy graphics card.

My console gamer friends say that Crysis 3 multiplayer is dead on console too. It's for that reason I do not believe it comes down to PC hardware.

If you want some multiplayer join a crysis 3 channel on tunngle and play there.

Crysis has never been known for it's multilayer, so most who have the game probably never even start up multiplayer in the first place. Most pc gamers playing shooters are going to be playing battlefield, counter strike, and maybe planetside 2.

I really enjoyed the MP of Crysis 2 and 3. In fact I liked the MP of Crysis 2 more than the SP. Crysis 3 was much better though.

I used to play it, on console AND PC. But both have died down.