Crysis 3 for $30 or Trade

Got a free copy with my new 7970, but i already own it. Just wanna get rid of it. Have an Origin code. PM me if interested.

if nobody wants to trade ill trade a shoutout on my or youtube channel which is not really valuable but i wanted to do a lp on that game

how about a trade for sleeping dogs? hoping that I can give my copy to you on steam. I still need to install origin

How about a Logitech G510 Gaming Keyboard? Shipping varies on where you live, I am in the US.

isnt crysis 3 on sale on origin now for $30?

how aabout a copy of war of the roses, trine 2, and garry's mod.

Sorry about the delayed replies everybody.

@erskipper I cant just giveaway my game, sorry. 

 @skullabyss Private message me via my profile

@Pfannyyy I live in Virginia. What condition is the keyboard in?

@DudeThatsBryan Based on Amazon, it is still $60 for a download of Crysis 3

@ThyRadula I already own GMod and Trine 2. Dont really want to trade one spare game, for 2 lesser value spare games.




It is in used-good condition. I can send you pics over Skype if you PM me your Skype. 

thats a 150 dollar keyboard for a game. I want it. 50 bucks