Crysis 3 Beta peformance

I've been playing some crysis 3 lately, but my performance has been pretty poor imo, and its starting to ruin the game for me.

I have a i3 3220, 7870 and 8 gigs of 1600 ram. I think this is solid and should be able to run this game about 30 fps. Instead, its been running at 23-25 fps. Ive been looking around at other peoples benchmarks and most of them are getting 40+ fps on high settings. Im running the game @ 1920 X 1080 4xMSAA and high settings. I do have the 13.2 Beta 5 driver installed. 

Turn down your anti ailiasing, or use smaa.

The prblem with your system for crysis 3 is the CPU, as Crysis 3 is a very CPU intensive game.

Alright thanks, Ill be saving up for an 3570k when 1150 comes out