Crysis 3 and lack of DX10 support

I was shocked by that. Some people are saying that they had to do that because the limits have to be pushed and whatnot. But tell me this. The game was released for Xbox 360 and PS3 as well. Now those consoles do NOT have dx11 hardware. So why did they do this on PC? To push the sales of dx11 cards?

Consoles can still access some features, and the version on console would be a specific version, not just a port.

DirectX11 cards have been available for the last 4-5 years and the PC version Crysis 3 was made for current and future generation hardware. The console versions are already highly stripped down from the PC version. Adding DirectX10 support to the PC version would've only added more development time, added more cost, and made the PC version less amazing visually because they would've had to have made compromises in order to support DirectX10. The reason the console versions being stripped down doesn't affect the PC version is because just that, they are different versions of the game.

Were you also complaining in 2007 that Crysis 1 didn't have DirectX 8 support?

Yes, DX11 cards have been around for 4-5 years. But even until 2011, more than 70% had dx10 cards. I don't know what's the number for this year. I guess I don't fully understand how directX support on PC works, because some games have support for both DX11 and dx10, hell even dx9, like Far Cry 3.

9800 is starting to really go the way of the wind. Many people still have it, but the market doesnt care =/

I would advise an upgrade. Direct X9 cant be here forever. And DX11 is going to become the Next DX9 in a few years.... Mabye we'll even see a DX11.1c =P (Unless something is just mind blowing about DX12 I havn't heard about. =D

On the Console bit. Im sure Crytek did this to hit a Larger audience. Most console gamers just play. PC gamers want what they pay for and expect. Crysis 1 was the first game to make full use of DX10 that I know of. Which created a game that was beautiful. Makes sense to me that Crytek felt DX11 only was the "only" way to go for the PC version. Double edged sword in the end though. Create a visually stunning game, but alienate DX10 (or DX9) Users and loose their sales. The fact that they had an Open BETA for the console versions makes me think that Crysis 3 on consoles may have been (Semi) built from the ground up just for consoles.

Sorry if this is a bit random. Yes Alot of people have DX10 cards. But if I remember correctly, Alot of DX10 features can be reproduced in DX9. Which kinda made DX10 pointless. DX9 would have require to many modifications to the game engine run correctly. Again, Im not a programer, but this is just my own personal Knowledge.

Might I suggest a GTX 660 or AMD 7850 and/or 7870?

Arcanecasster, thank you, I have decided to go for the 7850 already. I understand the part about trying to push the limits on PC. And it seems they did excellent because I love how Crysis 3 looks. It's one of the best looking games out there. I just wanted to play it so bad and i was really not expecting the only-dx-11 move mainly because of many other titles still including older directX support to this day. So I was a bit sad when I got to know of that. I thought it's going to be very long then, before I have a chance to play it. But I saved money and I'm going for Sapphire 7850.