Crysis 1 crashing(BSOD) on run

Every time I try to run crysis, when i launch it in steam it crahses instantly and all I get is a black screen.

Mobo: msi 990fx-gd80

gpu: EVGA 660ti

cpu: fx-8350

what could be causing this. Ive tried re-installing multiple times but to no avail.

BSOD = Blue Screen of Death. That means Windows has crashed, not just a specific program. If you're getting BSODs while loading a game, you have a pretty unstable OC. If you aren't OCing, some other hardware component is likely unstable.

i would first say, try a diffrent game. to dettermine if its either the game, or something with the computer it self.

ive tried it much before i overclocked anything on a 9500 gt and it gave the same results on a dx 10 compliant card.

run the game in dx9 mode

forced it to run dx9, crashed to desktop like usual.

and i also tried re-installing directX that didn't work either.