Cryptocurrency prices program

I finally rewrote README and comments for my program that prints out cryptocurrency coin prices to fiat prices (USD EUR BTC) as a .txt file.
Runtime is +60sec with multiple coins

I wanted to import the prices to a spreadsheet. Excel can import data from an http-api but libreoffice can’t. Switched to linux so I use libreoffice for spreadsheets. That’s why I had to write a program to do it for me. I run it daily to have historical prices for later usage.
I run the program with a cronjob, anyone know alternative methods for win10/macos? I would gladly add them to README.
I think win10 could do it with WSL but I’d like the windows way.

Comments and feedback is appreciated greatly!


In windows you can just do that in Task Scheduler instead of cron. Built into windows no need to install anything. I believe it’s self explanatory once you know that it exists and found it.