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Crypto Mega-Thread [A.K.A Cryptocurrency mining isn't for hobbyists and Ethereum's terrible]



I believe that LTC rise in the coming days, depending on the price you bought it at you could sell a partial share.


I’m really not sure how the fork is going to end up.
I used to take it as granted that 2x will succeed, but I’m not so sure about it anymore. The miner support is dropping and the NY agreement is nothing you can take too srsly. Anybody can just drop out without any consequences.
It’s a shame that every party tries to hold as much power over bitcoin as possible.

Without replay protection it might be very difficult for the minority chain to survive and you will end up with a sole Bitcoin that will have dropped in price during the fork and possibly no improvement at all.

But I honestly believe that bitcoin needs a blocksize increase. The transaction cost is very high and the unconfirmed tx are just too many. 4 -7 tx/s isn’t enough. Other Coins like Dash will greatly benefit from it.
It’s probably just a matter of who increases the blocksize. Cause the whole ‘it’s untested’ argument can’t really be taken seriously when you see BCH working with 4x the Blocksize of 2x :confused:

But the blocksize increase will always only be a temporary solution. In the very long run I doubt it’s gonna work out when you have Terrabytes of blockchain data. Maybe snapshots similar to IOTA can solve that issue?

I might just sell 30% of my current bitcoins. I believe it would make a lot of sense to put them into altcoins, as they have been dropping a lot with the rapid rise of BTC price.


I think it’s not only about losing faith in segwit2x, but rather the (more than usual) exponential growth of bitcoin that will limit its growth in the short term. Now, as mentioned previoulsy, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think bitcoin will really, but I think we are due for a correction.

I think you’re right concerning the blocksize, but that might be up to bitcoins successor. IOTA has an interesting concept and it is on my to-buy list^^. I like its DAG principle in contrast to the blockchain employed by almost every other coin. Vertcoin is also more scaleable than bitcoin and has a one-click miner. However, a firend of mine tried it for a week non-stop and didn’t receive a single coin. This might be due to the different mining pools, but I’m not sure…


I’m thinking about transitioning to Platinum.


Segwit2x has been cancelled btw:


it’s been a really interesting week:


may have spoken too soon mate


Now I’m really interested in the coming weeks. Altcoins have been on the pullback way too long xD


good shit


What part of “experimental” don’t people understand? It’d be like the Wright brothers opening an airline the week after…


Experimental isn’t the problem, it’s that solidity is less secure than old versions of php and JS

Combine that with the fact that patching smart contracts on the EVM is next to impossible and it’s impossible not to create a ticking time bomb

Ethereum is terrible. That’s just the long and short of it.

The reason vitalik is getting so chummy with the russians is so he can naturalize and avoid SEC prosecution


So, BTC currently trades at $6.2k-ish and I think ot will go fruther down, probably even down to about 5k, but that remains to be seen. What’s your take on this?

In contrast to BTC, Monero and IOTA, which I’m both holding, do interestingly well. I’m looking forward to finding out where both are heading, I thibk IOTA (and VTC) might be strong in 2018.

And finally, Bitcoin Cash - anyone profited from it? Congrats, if you have, I totalöy missed out on it though.


BCH went crazy yesterday. I had .369 BCH from how much BTC I had during the split… and last night that .369 got up to $974 in value before I went to bed. Woke up this morning hoping it broke through $1,000, but it was down to $500. :expressionless:


That’s cool! Big evens often are a kind of resitence to break, good luck next time :wink:


Soooo… to be ready to move BCH if it spikes again, I figured I should go ahead and move it out of my Coinomi wallet on my phone, and into Kraken. Then when I try to send it asks for my password… and I tried all my usual combinations of password with no luck. The only way to reset it is with a passphrase… which 1. I don’t remember doing at all when I created the wallet. 2. Definitely don’t have it written down anywhere.

So… my .369 BCH is probably forever trapped in that wallet. Currently valued at $420.


Ugh. That sucks.
Great for all the other holders though, it brings up the price :wink:


So, how are your cryptos doing so far? Thus far, I’ve sold about 50% of mine and I’ll continue to hold them for a while (not sure for how long though, remains to be seen). I’m really impressed on how IOTA is performing, I didn’t expect that and I’m glad I bought my first partial share at $.4x :slight_smile:
And BTC bursting through 10k - that’s nice as well. (Although imho there will probably be a correction soon, I expect a drop to 5k or 6k, not sure though, so I’m still holding some)

What is your opinion on Neo and Ripple? Both didn’t perform as epxected to be honest, but then again there is a huge financial potential for both. Thus, still holding…(should have sold some Neo when it hit $50-ish)

@sgtawesomesauce Sry, I totally missed your post somehow. What’s platinum?


Not what you expected, huh?


y’all needa post more news


Is it backed by anything? I looked through the wikipedia article and there seems to be no whitepaper whatsoever, so it sounds fishy to me. I think this might be a scam, be careful. Besides, trading should be difficult since this “Platinum” can’t be sent over the network, but rather via actual mail… to be honest, I don’t see any potential at all. But keep us informed, maybe you are on to something! (Still, I can’t stress this enough: No whitepaper is an absolute no-go!)

@tkoham I love IOTA :slight_smile: (And in contrast to “Platinum”, there is a whitepaper)