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Crypto Mega-Thread [A.K.A Cryptocurrency mining isn't for hobbyists and Ethereum's terrible]




It’s funny because they’re affinity scamming gamblers.



Hey guys, not sure if this still active but I am wanting to experiment with with crypto trading. I want to get $100 worth of a coin called Neblio. I went to an exchange called Cryptopia to buy some but I could not deposit USD to trade for the coin so I am trying to find a way to purchase bitcoin via USD to I can trade the bitcoin for Neblio coins. Would anybody know how to do this?


Could you just signup to Coinbase?
I haven’t tried, and don’t know if it is different in USA, but it seems you can buy up to $300 worth of bitcoin through the app/site without too much drama.


I will give them a try and let you know how that goes.


So I got a Coinbase account but whenever I purchase bitcoins I get an email saying the order is cancelled. Would you or anybody know why why they might be doing that?



I’d message their support. I’ve never seen this message before.


Yeah that is strange. Admittedly I have never tried to buy bitcoin, waiting for it to crash again, if it even will.

But that seems like the bank has prohibited the transaction, or something weird. They might be confusing it with credit card fraud. Best get in touch with them and let them know you are legitimately trying to crypto up.



No idea what exactly a “derivative” is but saw this


Sale of derivatives is the selling of a financial contract between two parties that has specific conditions including the date that an asset is going to be sold, where it will be sold and how the payments will be transacted between the parties.

Typically, you’ll see it in the stock market, but it can happen with international currencies as well.

This is another indicator of bitcoin being here to stay.


BTC is forking again today and then also to something else next month if you have any BTC Holdings it will be doubled over into other forms such as BTC gold or whatever the fuck the new one is called


On Friday Blockchain finally gave me my Bitcoin Cash from the August 1st split. Fortunately I only had about 0.1 BTC in my Blockchain wallet at that point. (I tend to wait until I have more than 0.2 BTC, then I transfer that to my Trezor)


So, what are you guys up to? Still holding BTC (cause Segwit2xCoin) or are you switching to Mid/Small Caps right now?

Personally, I sold 75% of my BTC when it hit 7k (and now I’m just along for the ride) and I’m probably about to switch to various different Altcoins in the days to come.

Edit: Just want to discuss trading in general and I was about to open another thread, but then I realised someone else has be referred to this one^^)


Still holding. As long as BTC stays above 1000, I’ve made over 8% per year.


Nice, have you bought it at 1k?


I bought it in 2011. Best $400 I ever spent.


Thats really nice. I bought BTC once at 200$ - and sold them at about 400$, which was a nice profit at the time, but considering now it seems a little bit cheap xD.
Anyway, as mentioned above I only sold 75% of my positions now, so plenty of room for future growth. Even though I didn’t buy it at 1k$ like yourself, my 4.2k$ seems reasonable cheap.
Any other coins you’re holding?


I bought into litecoin a while back, but it didn’t work out like I hoped.

I’m just dreading the taxes on this when I inevitably pull it out.