Crunchbang Broke windows 7 drivers/boot? Help

Hey guys i have a weird issue.

I was installing crunchbang on to a usb drive then it came to the bootloader install and i saw that it was going to overwrite the windows 7 bootloader so i turned off the computer, disconnected the hdd, and re booted into the installer and ran it and installed it answering yes to the bootloader install on the flash drive. after its done installing i boot it up to make sure that it works and install some applications. once i was done i turned it off and plugged back in the hdd and booted it up and left the room. i come back like 30 min later and see a windows auto recovery running so i let it be, and it says it fails (which seems to be normal when i boot linux on windows 7 machines). so i boot it up and it gets past the logo animation and nothing, no input detected on the monitor. so i let it sit for a while because i hear the hdd working so i let it sit, and come back and it still is at a black screen. and thats where i am now. sys restore wont work.

Can you boot in safe mode?

@Zibob yes

I figured it out that its the intel graphics drivers. i have the latest available installed. the processor is the core i3 550. the HDMI does not work for some reason when the drivers are installed. VGA works fine. i looked it up and alot of people are reporting this problem with the same drivers i have.

I wouldn't use Crunchbang anymore because the project isn't being supported anymore. Although a couple members of the Crunchbang Community started a side project called Chrunchbang++.