Crucial M4 256GB, Worth the Extra Wait?

Long time no see guys and my first post on the new site, whoop.

Anyways I've been sving up recently for a Crucial M4 and I almost have enough for the 128GB version but after seeing that the 256GB version is much faster and also I need the extra space to install most of my games on, is it worth waiting an extra month or so I can get enough cash together for the 256GB or should I just get the 128GB while I have the chance?

Well if you can save up to get the better one, then go ahead and wait just a little bit longer.

Theres no harm in waiting, but the speed difference you wont notice atall, the 128gb (even 64gb) are already so fast that you just dont notice any difference in real world usage atall, they are all instant so speed is not a matter, its just the size.

And do you really need 256gb? Sure more is better but the OS install only takes up 15gb so you have 110gb for your games if you get the 128gb, surley that more than enough?

Just put games you dont really play much on the HDD, and ones you play often on the SSD.

If you have you operating System on the HDD then yeh just get what you need off it on a USB stick or something then re format it.

Or if you have allot of stuff on it you want to keep then after installing your OS and booting with your SSD just delete all the operating system folders that are on it and just use for storage.

You wouldn't have to reformat anything. You don't even have to delete the system files on the hard drive either if you don't want to. You could just leave it as is, as long as you have your bios set to boot from the SSD.