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Crossover WQHD 34" Korean Monitor Review - Freesync 95hz AH-IPS | Level One Techs


Ah I was hoping this was the case! Good ol’ jolly Saint Wendell to the rescue! :smiley:


Hi @wendell i purchaced this monitor a few months ago, all because of your great review and obviously because this is a great monitor, i was looking at ebay recently and dream seller is planning to sell this monitor for 399usd for black friday, so i was thinking of getting a second one as i have 2 pcs in my home, as i was reading the black friday deal my eye happend to catch a slight change in the specs of the monitor, the 3412um is not been advertised anymore as a 95hz monitor, it has been bumped down to 75hz !! That was unexpected and i went and read all the ads for the 3412um (limited, regular and perfect pixel) all of them have now been listed with a 75hz refresh !! I have sent dream seller a message asking him why the specs changed and i thought id come here and let you guys know and maybe who knows you might have a clue of what is going on, thanks for your time, keep up the good work.


What, the monitor is advertising as 95 boost. 399 is a steal for this monitor, I’m thinking about buying one.


This is old stock that is sitting in a california warehouse, i am talking the new stock that ships from Korea, from now on all new stock has been downclocked to 75hz, i got a responce from dream seller saying that the new stock has been downclock for security reasons, what does he mean by saying security was not elaborated though !!


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Yeah so the new stock is lower price point and the new model is 100hz. Can’t source exactly the same pcd panel anymore tho the guts are the same.

I’d get the one I just reviewed at 100hz tho


Got this monitor for almost a week now, its beautiful. I got the perfect edition for 400$, no dead pixel or bleeding light issue. The only thing is I’m getting 30 hertz on 1440p reso, It’s probably due to my old hdmi cable, its 5 years old. I’m going to need to upgrade my graphic, it doesn’t even have a display port…


Santa Wendel :slight_smile:

I keep waiting for a 40+ inch TV / monitor to buy but new features keep coming out. Seem my list is 4K, HDR, freesync and decent refresh rate now :slight_smile:

Maybe next year if im good :slight_smile:


I thought that was the reason also, they could not source the same panel but unlike some other users, i bought the 3412um because it fitted what i was looking for, 100hz, Ips (100% srgb), 34 inch and above all completely flat (not curved) so when i looked online this was the only monitor that ticked all the boxes (appart the refresh which was 5hz lower) so thats why i bought it, i am a designer so i needed a flat panel with the best color reproduction but at the same time i wanted that panel to have a good refresh rate when i would fire up a game, unfortunatly the market is flooded with curved monitors and the only reason i cant consider the new crossover you reviewed is because of the curve and panel type. On a side note and also mentioned from other users, you dint seem as excited for their new model as you did when you reviewed the 3412um.


Got mine late last year and recently its started acting up. The overdriver option no longer works so i’ve had to to set it to 90Hz in the Custom Resolution Utility and that appears to disable FreeSync. When plugged in via DisplayPort the monitor only displays in 6bpc, which looks awful.

Thankfully i just found out it had HDMI 2.0 and that seems to have solved almost all of my problems( still have to manually set the refresh rate).


After a power loss monitor resets to default and bugs itself.

First I have to get a HDMI cable, connect it with my laptop, otherwise it goes into power save mode, going into the OSD and choosing 4P mode, selecting one for my DP and one for my HDMI. After that Laptop start displaying but DP not. Now i have to go back into single picture and select DP input. Only now it detects the signal from my DP.

If on yours like on mine starts cycling stuff or randomly opening the OSD on it’s own, then a mitigation is to switch a few times the color presets FPS1,FPS2,Game… and back to Default. That way it’s going to cycle that menu. It’s way less distracting and the box quickly disappears.

The longer it stays powered on the more it gets stable after it losses power you are back to square one.

I send a message to dream-seller asking for a new PCB. Someone replied and said they will ask the manufacturer. It’s been around 14 days since. I messaged him back will update or make a separate guide.


Hey team,

I am wanting to try using this monitor in Freesync with my laptop that has a GTX 1060 in it. Since the new Nvidia drivers are supposedly going to allow that. I went into the monitor’s menu using the remote and I don’t see a way to enable Freesync. How do I do that?

Edit: I tried again after posting that, and for some reason the menu behaved differently and worked fine for me to make sure Freesync (and Overdrive) are enabled. Installing Nvidia’s new drivers and will hopefully be able to have my 1060 use Freesync!


Well, it’s supposedly enabled!


Mine too. However, I get a flickers on the top part of my screen. I’m still playing around with Freesync ranges and looking at the best setting for it via CRU.


It’s been working great for me. I used Nvidia’s old G-sync tech demo with the pendulum and it definitely makes a difference in there. It feels like it’s making a huge difference in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in an emulator, too. It always feels responsive and without stutters even though it’s mostly played around 30-35fps, sometimes dipping down to like 28fps.


Nice! Did you tweak anything using CRU?


No, I don’t even know what CRU is. Heh


Could actually be your dp cable


That would suck if DP has a problem. Never had problems with it until I updated the driver and enable Gsync. Will try and do it too.


After performing tests, Crossover 3412UM freesync range is 50-95hz. Anything below that would cause the flicker. I can live with it.