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Crossover WQHD 34" Korean Monitor Review - Freesync 95hz AH-IPS | Level One Techs


Btw, what i’m totally impressed with this monitor running with a gtx 1070 is that I haven’t encountered any screen tearing yet. It maybe because of the 95hz refresh rate or probably with Nvidia’s fast sync. Compared to my monitor before, this has given me better gameplay experience. I was leaning towards G-sync monitor before but having experienced the fluidity that I have and with G-sync’s hefty price tag, I’ll stick with this monitor for a loooong time :slight_smile:


did manage to increase the freesync-range to 46-95Hz from 48-95.
Anyone with more success?


Took 4 days for mine to arrive, loving it so far.
Managed to overclock to 110hz maximum at 3440x1440.
Honestly the jump from 60hz to 95 is outstanding, drops in frame rate arnt as noticeable either, very immersive experience.


Are you running with an AMD card?


1070 same as you.
Had a little bit of bleed but loosening the back screws seemed to largely fix that.


Actually, I just recieved note that I do have to pay VAT extra. It’s about 100€. Still a good price overall.


Damn, was really hoping to avoid that, however still worth the price definitely


That’s why i was super sceptical. So i ordered the 426EUR version to pay as little VAT as possible. Now that you confirmed i have to pay 94EUR on top still not bad. I just hope it gets in one peace and not malfuncitoning. Thats my biggest monitor purchase jet.


Added tax are just completely out of our control but hey, it’s still freaking cheap as compared to local prices. Did you all get the Perfect Pixel version?


No i took a gamble and gone for the normal. The perfect pixel would be 100EUR and 20 in VAT more expensive. Will see if it will bite me later.


Did you check for frame skipping? Not the UFO test, but that black box thingy. Afaik display port 1.2 can’t churn out more than 100hz at 3440 * 1440


Mine skips at 100hz. I think it even skips at 96hz for me.


your right, same for my monitor too


I’ve just bought it! I put an offer in for the Pixel Perfect one at $530 and it was accepted. Looking forward to receiving it! What colour settings do you guys use?


Does this monitor have any kind of blue light reduction, or reader mode?


There is a low blue light mode




I have uploaded a colorproflle created with a spyder 3 pro colorimeter.

Feel free to use it^^

The suggested backlight intensity is 43 wich you have to ajust in the monitors menue


Thanks Man! Will try this out!


So i guess i am the one who gets the broken one. The second i plugged in vertical lines started appearing. After changing cables inputs nothing changed. So i rebooted and the lines disappear. One CS:GO game and some browsing and it appeared back.

I hope it’s visible cuz i can’t tell with this shit anything.

Is there anything i can do? And btw yes it’s the monitor. OSD has the artefacts too.
EDIT: It’s getting worse.