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Crossover WQHD 34" Korean Monitor Review - Freesync 95hz AH-IPS | Level One Techs


Great! Congrats on the purchase. To lessen the BLB, I tried to lower the backlight to 20(or even less) based on my preference. Then I just adjust the Contrast and Brightness accordingly. I haven’t fiddled with the colors yet.


also try loosening the back screws. The microboards used to have that real bad but loosening the screws fixed it every time


Cool! Will try that! Do you recommend to unscrew just on the corners where it has excessive bleeding?


give it a try… just loosen usually no need to fully unscrew


Thanks for the advice!
Unfortunately it didn’t work for me.
I did however figure out that the bottom metal bezel put too much pressure on the panel, so I (almost) removed it and bent it a little bit away from the panel. Now the backlight bleed is a little bit less noticeable.

I also slightly adjusted the colors, by turning down green a lot and blue just a little.


Hey guys

I’m about to pull the trigger on this one. Was looking at getting a 1080Ti.

Will I be able to hit 95Hz with an Nvidia card? As I understand it, it does not require Freesync to enable the boost clock?Can someone please confirm?


Confirm. You just need to connect the monitor via the displayport connection.


Has anyone ordered one of these from the UK?
If so was there import duty or VAT to pay on top?

Finally, has anyone tried overclocking this past 95hz?


I ordered from Germany, so there shouldn’t be a difference unless our officers are lazy…
I did not have to pay on top.
I’ll try to overclock as soon as my displayport cable arrives, running at 30hz atm :confused:


Hah i was about to ask if a Europe import would be a sane thing to do. Do you think your bleeding was caused because of shipping. Did you pay any additional taxes?

I have around 800EUR maybe more to blown need something for productivity texture edit work and that 100hz will be a blessing in blender.


Get the Perfect Pixel version to ensure your panel is of top quality. Bleeding is caused by manufacturing. Like what Wendell said, you may loosen the screws to get rid/reduce BLB.


But look at the prices man almost 80 EUR that’s almost our import taxes 93.2 EUR. The normal cannot be that bad… I don’t know what to do.


Not sure what caused the bleeding. Probably the assembly. But it’s not too noticeable, only after sundown when the bottom left is supposed to be black.

I’d also recommend the perfect pixel version. I got mine for 500$ - 430€


Mine arrived super quickly and worked great for a few days, but then started to spontaneously mute/unmute its onboard speakers. It died shortly afterwards (no display whatsoever on any input/cable, including the OSD), but dream-seller has been quick in replying and is going to send me a return label.

During the short time I had it working it was absolutely gorgeous, so I’ll likely get another one!


How many days for it to be delivered?
I ordered mine last night and am waiting for it to be dispatched, says 11-17 days, I cant wait!


to Germany was less than a week. I was pleasantly surprised. But you should receive a tracking number. Mine was sent via FedEx


How are you finding it so far? I’m still tempted to go for it. What Hz can you run it at when using 2560x1440? I see the Microboard one can run at 144hz but can skip frames


144hz skip frames as well. So far, i’m pretty satisfied with the 95hz OC it can bring. Coming from a 70hz refresh rate before, my gameplay has improved since i’m playing FPS most of the time. Perfect Pixel version is a must. the 80euro or 80 dollar difference is worth it. You can also offer dream-seller a more “reasonable” price. I got my Perfect Pixel version for $530. Good Deal IMHO! Mine came in fast. If it ain’t for the weekends, I would have received it in 4 days after purchasing from Ebay.


Nice. So this monitor can do 144Hz at 2560x1440 but it frame skips? I guess 120Hz is fine? What’s the warranty like with it? I’m tempted to go for the Asus PG348Q mainly due to the support and warranty behind it. Yes it’s more expensive but I’d rather have a decent warranty :slight_smile:


Yup, I think 120hz you would be able to run it just fine tho I haven’t tried it yet but I think Wendell did tackle that in the video. Asus PG348Q is of course better due to the name, support and warranty but in terms of actual improvement, it maybe very minimal with the similar specs that they have. If you have cash to burn, go for the better brand. Otherwise, the Crossover is a great alternative :slight_smile: