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Crossover WQHD 34" Korean Monitor Review - Freesync 95hz AH-IPS | Level One Techs


uhh that's microboard, not crossover. Different company...


They advertise it with "Same Spec with M340CLZ"


different chassis, psu, etc though. They mean same spec LCD panel..


Damn! This is perfect for me given the specs and the really impressive price tag. However, I have doubts regarding the 0-3 dead pixels. It's currently on sale for 499 but the perfect pixel is at least 60 dollars more so yeah. This is indeed a lottery.


Thanks Wendell, great review as always. Have you had issues with Linux and Crossover monitors before using Nvidia cards? I did using a 27 inch monitor which required me to edit the xorg.conf file


I’m very tempted to get this. It’s selling for a bit less than £400 so I may bite the bullet tonight and buy it!


Are you getting the perfect pixel one?
Please report on your experience. I’m very interested.
Do you have a freesync capable card?


The one I’m looking at is about £380, the pixel perfect one is about £420. Is it worth going to the “pixel perfect” one? I don’t mind a couple of bad pixels because that is a great price compared to the competition. And nope, I’ve got a 1080TI coming which will easily get 100hz so freesync wouldn’t be required anyway :slight_smile:


Hi Wendell,

Can you share your color settings to us? Just got mine and I haven’t played around with the settings yet as for your review, out of the box, colors are inaccurate. Appreciate if you could take a photo or just send out your settings for us to have a guideline. Appreciate it man!


Don’t cheap out on the Pixel Perfect version. I received mine without dead pixels. It’s a few bucks more expensive but you can offer dream-seller lower than that. You can view my panel below.


Just noticed the promotion sell. Now the Monitor is at 500$ (-50$).

Also found the perfect pixel version for 520$ instead of 580$:

But unlike the original perfect pixel list, it doesn’t mention perfect pixels and instead links to the 580$ version.


Just got the perfect pixel one listed for 580$ and offered 500$ (based on the promotion sale, which was actually for the non perfect one). Payed 430€ and am super excited.
Unfortunately I don’t have a freesync capable card atm, but Vega and the Linux drivers need some more time anyway…


I offered them $499 but then I got a message from them saying “PERFECT version is limited $530”


Got mine for $530 but I guess its like $570ish? There were people who got theirs for $522 but they could be in Asia or countries that are nearer South Korea. Let me know what you guys think :slight_smile: Share your color settings as well. Hope Wendell shares his settings.


How’s it running?
Any issues with LFC?


he doesn’t have an AMD card :confused:


I’m running on a 1070 and it squeezes every bit of it. Some titles barely reach 60 fps but it’s no deal breaker. I might switch to a Vega soon after I see the benchmarks. So far it works pretty good! No frameskip at 95hz using an Nvidia card.


I also have a 1070 and thinking of getting this monitor. however like you i might move to Vega 56 to take advantage of freesync

do you think 100hz will be better than 95hz?


I think it’s the cheapest 3440x1440 out there. It skips frames at a 100hz. Don’t want to push it further. 95hz is great! Flawless at that refresh rate. 1070 can hold its own tho I tweaked some settings and settled at High settings.


Mine arrived today. That’s a lot of pixels. I love it!
unfortunately my graphics card only supports hdmi 1.4 which equals 30fps and no full size displayport…
So I had to buy an extra mini Displayport cable, so I can wait a couple months longer for a vega upgrade.

I do have backlight bleed in the bottom left corner. Do you guys have any magical fix for it?