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Crossover WQHD 34" Korean Monitor Review - Freesync 95hz AH-IPS | Level One Techs


Freesync? YES
Actually 95hz on the high speed camera? YES
Available now? YES

Buy now:

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Now if only we could get a 40 inch 4K tv with the same specs


That high speed footage was glorious.


Thanks for the review. I wonder how back light modulation would work with the high speed camera.


what makes more sense this:

or the 22% VAT that i would pay on top of the crossover.


I bought it 2 weeks ago and I like it. Does need some color correction. For a perfect pixel, it costs me 580$. The microboards was on sale for 640$, but it was too late for me. This crossover build quality is really good. The back is plastic, but it feels very hard. Box arrived in perfect condition no damage. If you want to buy this monitor, but it from dreamseller. If you have a relative that live in South Korea, ask them to buy it for you. This monitor is about 450$ in Korea, which is cheaper. Don't buy korean monitor on Amazon, the price is unreasonable.


Very cool looking monitor.
The only negative is the large bazel, but other then that it looks really nice.
I'm personally a huge fan of AH-ips panels, i suppose its an LG panel inside?
My current 27 Inch monitor also has an AH-ips panel inside 75Hz.
And i personally dont really want anything else then AH-ips.


Do they have a deeper black compared to IPS?


I unfortunatlly dont have a normal ips monitor next to it to do a compairisson.
But i do think that it highly depends on the used panel and how its calibration.
My monitor has decent blacks, but its an A brand (Philips) monitor with LG AH-ips panel.
Of course with Korean monitors you not allways get the best panels.
But thats also the reason why they are cheap, compaired to A brands.


Can anybody confirm, whether LFC (Low Framerate Compensation) is supported with this monitor?
Cause technically the maximum freesync range (95hz) is more than double the minimum (47hz)


if your framerate drops below 47fps, it can black out. With tuning to where my minimums were never below about 50 fps, it was a great gaming experience


Ohh, that's a bummer. Is that a thing that can be fixed via software updates?
With that many pixels 50 fps can be pretty challenging to maintain in AAA titles. Especially on Gnu/Linux.
Speaking of which have you ever tried using freesync with the proprietary AMDGPU-PRO driver?


Thanks for the review, Wendell!

What's the difference between

The descriptions seem identical.


"With Perfect pixel option, 0 ~ 3 dead pixel is possible. "
That only applies to the perfect pixel version. So that one has been tested
In other words the non perfect pixel one is more likely to have "dead" or "white" pixels.


Ah yes, missed that, thanks @501st


On such monitor can you even spot those dead pixels i have a 32 inches 1080p tv sitting around 30 cm away and i have to look for my 4 stuck pixels. So i guess on a 3440x1440 it's barely noticeable?


You're right, but it probably depends on the location of the dead pixels too. I have a 32" 4k monitor with one dead pixel in the upper right corner and I don't noticable it at all - from 70cm away. It was only bothersome when I first got it and was looking. Might hurt the resell value though.

Guessing that at the DPI level of this monitor, your brain will filter it out if it's not in the center.

32" 1080p at 30cm sounds hardcore :slight_smile: I think I would notice that.


Hey @wendell, thanks for this review! The monitor looks great and is almost exactly what I'm looking for at the moment.

I am curious, do you, or anyone else for that matter, have any recommendations for a curved equivalent? I have checked out the Crossover 34U100, and it looks to be just about the same as this one, but I'm nervous to pull the trigger on it without good reviews on the product.

Thanks again for the great review, keep up the good work!


It used to be called M340CLZ. Search for that and you'll find some reviews.
I know Linus made one, Tek syndicate as well.


1) How far could you OC at 2560 x 1080? Without frame skipping of course
2) could you extend the freesync range?
3) What sort of adjustments does the default stand have?